Friday , June 25 2021

The Mapuche leaders of La Araucanía have signed a value agreement with the leaders they meet at Temucuicui. National

Mapuche leaders of La Araucanía Leadership meeting It was held this Saturday in Temucuicui.

For example, Marcelo Catrillanca, father of the Mapuche community member Camilo Catrillanca, They agreed 5 points: "Demilitarization of Wallmapu, delegation of territory, historical explanation, right to self-determination and follow-up action".

Where is this meeting? 500 Mapuche leaders participated., As a result of the murder. Camilo Cart Tranca, GOPE bureaucrats of Carabineros, and four officials have been retired and are currently being processed.

The above was the subject of discussion by a spokesman for Agrupación Ad Mapu, Ana Llao.

"today We have made many differences. (…) I think it is very satisfying and worthy of happiness. Well, we are already hearing that there is a next meeting. "Mapuche spokesman said.

For Aucan Huilcaman, director of international relations for all land councils, the point of self-determination is fundamental. He also benefited from using the cross-sectional criticism of lawmakers.

"We have made a lot of effort to legislate and recognize our rights and do not do so … Congressmen must be ashamed of the lack of commitment to the rights of the people of Mapuche (…). "Huilcamn.

At the rally in the building Camilo Cat Trankar MarinA new date is scheduled to meet again on Saturday, December 15 at the same place.

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