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The Ministry of Justice receives a protection appeal for a campaign to make HIV patients a crime. «Diario y Radio U Chile

In response, activist Víctor Hugo Robles said, "The discrimination and criminal behavior of the Chilean government is illegal and vulnerable to ethics, because it is an institution that is obligated to honor the AIDS law, People with HIV / AIDS. "

Saturday, January 26, 2019 10:15 hours.


On January 7, the Santiago Court of Appeals dismissed the appeal for the protection of journalist and sexual diversity activist Víctor Hugo Robles and Emilio Santelices, the health minister of Emilio Santellís, For people infected with HIV / AIDS

Esteban Arévalo, a community activist in HIV / AIDS known as "El Che de los Gays", applied for a grant to the chief justice who accepted the constitutional order of protection. The Court of Appeals to handle it.

"The defamation arising out of the case under the merits of the record would have been accepted for the appeal because it referred to the fact that it may not be able to guarantee the facts set forth in Article 20 of the Republic Constitution. In accordance with the provisions of this Court's self-authorizing provision relating to the matter and this matter, the appealed resolution of 7 January 2000 shall be withdrawn and the inferred protective relief shall be granted and the procedure given instead. The Third Chamber said that the Ministers integrated with others by Maria Eugenia Sandoval and Gloria Ana Chevesich.

According to legal action, on December 30, 2018, the Ministry of Health released a video that is part of a campaign on HIV / AIDS issues proposed by Korea. This record immediately prompted hundreds of responses to users of the social network – people living with HIV, protesters, and civil society organizations working on the issue. I have criticized the "differentiating" tone of video in a variety of ways. His "police" message was widely adopted by the national press.

"Although constitutional protection is not a popular act, it adds legal action." In addition to directly affecting appellants living with HIV, there are also videos that respondents publish and distribute. It has caused anger, turmoil and cross-criticism in public opinion, including medical associations. "

Chief Justice Hugo Robles respected the Supreme Court's ruling. "The Ministry of Health must report the reasons for the campaign, which has been questioned by social groups, the medical community and members of parliament."

He said, "Chile will expand the participation of social and protection groups in prevention messages to its citizens, while ensuring respect for the human rights of people infected with HIV / AIDS."

"The Chilean government's discrimination and criminal behavior are illegal and vulnerable to ethical issues," he said, "because we are public officials and institutions that are obligated to respect the AIDS law." activist

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