After publishing your report Foxconn launches next iPhone production in IndiaTerry Gou, president of the company, I confirmed the information. He said Prime Minister Narendra Modi invited him and his company to India.

Gou says goodbye to Foxconn's daily activities, IPhone expected to start mass production in India this year. This will allow Apple to target one of the fastest growing markets in the smartphone space.

Foxconn has already produced an older model of the iPhone at its Bangalore factory. Through partner Wistron, the manufacturer handled iPhone 6S, 7 and SE. Now Apple Seek opportunities for tax reduction. When producing the next iPhone in India.

According to Bloomberg, Foxconn will soon launch the next iPhone trial.Before starting the massive assembly process at the Chennai plant. Analysts are seeing this move positively. The Chinese market is saturated. India's production costs are much lower.

According to the company's data Counterpoint, It was not good for Apple in India in the first quarter of this year.Because it only sent 150,000 devices. Currently, the 20% tax on iPhone earnings plays an important role in the final price and is no longer accessible in the marketplace.

Other manufacturers have seen the potential not only to manufacture India's potential but also to sell it at a reasonable price. In addition to savings that seem to produce your iPhone in this country, Apple will want to supply 30% of the area. So that you can open your own store