Friday , June 25 2021

The player confesses to lying about the invasion of a woman.

Runner Kareem Hunt admitted that he lied to Kansas City Chief when he talked about a woman's assault in February at a hotel in Kansas City in February.

The NFL champion of baseball who was interviewed on Sunday Live by the ESPN network added that the league leaders were not approaching to solve the problem during the investigation. He did not see a closed-circuit video that caught the invasion until Friday, airing on the TMZ sports site.

Hunt, who was preparing for Sunday's game in Auckland, was immediately after the command to leave the staffing facility. He posted on the exemption list for the NFL Commissioner and called back to the team's training headquarters to let the Chiefs drop him.

"They believed that I lied to them, and I lied to them." Hunt accepted. "Basically they said to us," We love you and we care for you, but we have to let you go. "It was a very tough conversation, and the Chiefs did the right thing. I made a terrible decision and I am willing to take responsibility. "

In videos where the image is unclear, you can see that Hunt begins to argue with women. Several people intervene to adjust it.

The player presses one of the men and taps the woman. A woman says what he does not know. Later, the hunt starts kicking for the girl who was lying on the floor.

"The chap is right, I did not tell them everything," Hunt admitted. "My actions have been the cause, and I want to apologize to them and inform them that there is really no grudge."

This video was directly compared with another video from Ray Rice of Baltimore Ravens four years ago. In that image, Rice knocked out her fiancee with an elevator.

The FBI's investigation of Robert Mueller's investigation into how the NL handled the situation culminated in this incident.

Eventually, the league hired more people to carry out this type of internal investigation and announced that it would play a more active role in similar situations.

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