Friday , June 25 2021

The report revealed that Pedro de Valdivia, his favorite phrase, was abused for more than 20 years.

Pedro de Valdivia wrote to the Spanish king that Piñera always repeats. "He saw a majestic mountain range where a fast-moving river descended and quickly slipped into the sea," he said.

In fact, he challenged a section of the newspaper because he was confident of his origin. Mercury, They strip false news.

After a thorough investigation involving three national historians, it was confirmed that Pedro de Valdivia never wrote the text to the Spanish King in his eleven letters and reports attributed to the conqueror.

Mario Orellana, recognized as one of the greatest specialists in national history and character, does not appear anywhere in the letter of "Pedro de Valdivia." There is no such phrase. .

The president-elect claimed in a column written by Cristián Boza, an architect named Piña, "in turn cited critical comments about the establishment of Santiago de Pedro Lira."

Although this text was published in April 2016, the president has at least used this appointment since 2001 for speakers, interviews and letters.

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