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The Spanish film was the winner of the Mar del Plata Film Festival.


Between the two waters of Isaki Lacuesta, about two Gypsy brothers

Between the two seas, Isaki Lacuesta, already forced by San Sebastian, was the big winner and Ciambella and El árbol negro of Coluccio won the Argentine competition.

Between two water, Isaki Lacuesta of Spain was the great winner of the 33rd edition of the Mar del Plata International Film Festival. She won yesterday 's Best Film and Best Actor Award (Israel Gomez Romero). A movie that won a prize at the San Sebastian show two months ago is a sequel.
Legends of TimeBorn in Catalonia, the director was filmed in 2006. And focuses on the hard life story of two Gypsy brothers (formerly children, now in their twenties).
boyhood The Gypsies docked on the island of San Fernando, Andalucia.

Another great winner is also the powerful documentary essence of the proposal
What will you do when the world is on fire?Recorded chorus of Italy Roberto Minervini in the history of life of several African-American characters in the most disadvantaged areas of America, gaining distinction for best direction and best actress (Judy Hill).

Jury Special Awards (including Luis Miñarro, María Bonsanti, Valerie Massadian, Andrei Ujica and María Alché)
Aldeia dos mortos Chuva é cantoriaJoão Salaviza and Renée Nader Messora in Ihjãc, an Aboriginal teenager (but already a baby's father) in the Krahô community living in the Amazon zone, co-produced Portugal and Brazil
The soft rain will come., Argentinean Iván Fund, which depicts misunderstandings of children wandering alone through the city of Entre Ríos de Crespo,
A baby,
Play with me.,
Super 8 Or Netflix series
A strange thing. Finally, Best Screenplay award is Uruguayan Federico Veiroj
BelmontTragedy, divorce, tragedy with the daughter of everyday experiences of plastic artists in Montevideo.

The Argentine Competition won three awards.
Black tree, Co-directed by Máximo Ciambella and Damián Coluccio, suggests the requirements of internal dynamics and the Qom community as a beautiful, friendly, friendly and powerful portrait. Special mention
Julia and the Fox, The best short film by Inés María Barrionuevo, focusing on her tense relationship between her 12-year-old daughter, Emma (Victoria Castelo Arzubialde) and the title Julia (Umbra Colombo), who settled in an unstable house in the Córdoba area of ​​Unquillo.
While there is a wave, Delfina Gavaldá and Carmen Rivoira
That summer homeless, By Santiago Reale.

In the Latin American Competition, we won the Best Feature Film award.
Faust, Filmed by Andrea Bussmann of Canada on the coast of Oaxaca, linking the works of Goethe with the testimonies of millennial legends and local residents, is a fantastic and surreal spiritual wound anecdote with hypnotic and experimental suggestions. Includes 16mm long shots. Special mention for that part
Las CrucesJust a few days after the coup d'etat in September 1973, a documentary CMPC paper factory in Chile, Teresa Arendoru Chile and Carlos Vazquez Mendes, awarded in the Marseille and Balladia festivals, to a village in Raja, Left) was arrested without notice to relatives. Six years later they were buried in a common grave. In 2013, the police broke the silence agreement to uncover details of the massacre.

The only winner in the burning competition Altered States (dedicated to the most bold and experimental film)
chaos, Sara Fattahi and
Casanova Gen, Written by Louis Donschen; In Original Soundtrack (for movies about the music world)
Necks: Leave it in the past., Brothers Mariano and Gabriel Nesci (late in the late '60s meteor shower and the Beatles band was a solid existence, and recently, good luck trying to return to the first plane). I won the work in progress (movie in development).
conduit, Colombia Camilo Restrepo; Young critics costume
Terra FrancaA portrait of Portuguese Leonor Teles on fisherman's family, and a story of the masses
If Beale Street can talk, New work by American Barry Jenkins (Oscar winner)
Moonlight) A story about a young black man who became an unfairly blamed father in a rape case in James Baldwin's homosexual novel.

Informal award

Ignored in the official winners list,
Die, monster, die.The Argentine film Alejandro Fadel combines elements of a fantastic film (including sophisticated visual effects) with the views of the artist, AADA (Art Director), SAE (Editor), Sagai and Sadaic.

The DAC directors' awards
bed, A bold bet of Mónica Lairana. One of the directors of PCI
The day I resisted, Alessia Chiesa; International critics Fipresci and Geenpeace
Black tree; Chronicle of the Association
textile, The horror film of the British Peter Strickland,
Exotic Cassandro!, France Portrait of a wacky Mexican fighter, born in Marie Losier, USA.

Chile Documentary
Las Cruces He was also awarded the prize of Recam (Mercosur's specialist film and audiovisual organization) and the SICA (Argentine Film Industry Association).

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