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The syndicate signed a deal with Wal-Mart and ended the strike.


Wal-Mart Chile and leader-company union Reached an agreement and ended the strike lasting six days.I confirmed it on Monday night.

Through the statement, they confirmed that both sides signed "a satisfactory collective agreement on both sides this afternoon." Multifunction Bonus, One of the main requests of workers.

Other aspects of the agreement include a 100% mobilization bonus, basic salary readjustment, retraining training and improved employability, and a conflict cancellation bonus.

"Over the past few years, the company has completed over 40 good negotiations based on mutual collaboration around the company's goals, the promotion of a good working environment and the development of people within the company," Walmart said.

Union chairman, Juan Moreno"I believe it's possible to supplement the multifunctional bonus, which I believe should be saved. We achieved wage adjustments to the CPI and we also set up two aisles for aCuenta. "

"We are ahead of many things. See the problem of anti-union practices. If there are things that the company has already verified, we have to look at some of the actions along with some of the officials we should review. "

From: On Tuesday, riders, riders and Super Body will resume normal operation of the Express aCuenta supermarket.

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