Friday , June 25 2021

The trick of iPhone is to send messages faster.

Anyone who uses a mobile phone with a touchscreen is familiar with common issues when creating instant messages on certain platforms.

Sometimes, without paying attention, The wrong word is misspelled and the word you are trying to write is misspelled.. However, there are two options to resolve the issue. Delete everything until you fix the character in question, or place your cursor in the correct position with your finger.

However, this last alternative seems impossible because the thickness of the finger makes it difficult to point directly to where the specific error occurred.

But for all users iPhone There is a solution that brings surprises. 3D touch.

Twitter is a "discovery" that is made up of simply "viral" Press the space bar. Wait for the letters and symbols to disappear as the entire keyboard turns gray.

Then press the bar Move your finger from right to left. – Vice versa, the cursor will move to the location of the error, so you can fix it without any problems.

If you have questions about how to do so, please watch the video below.

But be careful. If you press any character on the keyboard, this works the same. try!

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