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The vaccine against meningitis B shares public health.

vaccination Meningitis B It shares Spanish public health. Autonomous communities: Canary Islands and Castilla Leon They have already decided to raise money with public funds. Andalucia It is planned to "integrate it" until 2020 or 2021 as far as it is announced by the Jesús Aguirre Council of Health and Families. However, in other areas, such as the Department of Health, we have excluded this vaccine from public funds, Cost of about 400 euros Newborns should be taken 3 times during the first 12 months of life.

That Health CommitteeHealth departments and health departments in different self-governing provinces lit a green light to ordinary citizens last Thursday. 4-valent vaccine A, C, W, and Y protect 12 years old, but B, whose primary goal is baby, has escaped.

As the Ministry justifies its position on generalized vaccination against type B meningitis, Epidemiological situation Information on vaccines containing information on short-term protection after vaccination, lack of protection for people not vaccinated, lack of validity data, and high reactivity when given with certain vaccinations. .

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Given the technical criteria presented by a majority of the Public Health Commission, a group of affected pediatric patients will be deployed. That Spanish Association for Meningitis What does he say to parents who have lost a child due to meningitis B next month, considering that the progress of the four is positive? "

From Spanish Society of Pediatrics (AEP) is also applauded by four public sources, but at the same time the specific toxicity and mortality of all meningitis is remembered for the first years, including type B. doctor Federico Martin – Torres, The director of pediatric services at the University Hospital Santiago de Compostela said, "The Spanish vaccination policy against meningococci is insufficient" «I am sorry more safe».

Critics accuse the Ministry of Health for making fundraising decisions. In fact, AEP recommends vaccination against Meningococcus B From three months.


Meningitis B is a disease that occurs in Spain. 300 infections per yearAbout 10% of them are fatal and 20% have serious physical consequences such as leg or arm truncation, blindness or hearing loss. It is a very low fire, but it will cause serious consequences especially if the baby. As emphasized by The Association for Meningitis, vaccine costs reaching 400 euros will reduce the risk of meningitis B Social inequalityBy affecting the poorest areas

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