Thursday , August 5 2021

They claim to link Neymar and Kylian Mbappé with FC Barcelona.

Due to his talent and still considerable progress, Neymar And Kyliean Mumbaffe No doubt the two most attractive football players. Logically, among the people who are willing to welcome them on the team FC Barcelona, A squad that has already begun working with interest in the future.

For the Brazilians, it is the players themselves who do their best to return to the group that suddenly left in the summer of 2017. «Your call schedule», Said a source close to the club that discussed the newspaper. As.

Among the fans there are people who have not finished with good eyes. When Nay returns, the truth is that the board is grateful for his return. Of course, they are also fully aware of the negotiations. Paris Saint-Germain It's not a simple task. "The problem is that if we are interested in raising the issue with PSG, there is no exit clause next summer. By 2020, prices are fixed, but 160 million»Add the source mentioned above.

Mbappé's interest in Blaugrana is more cautious. Anyway, over the last few hours, Barça is likely to offer more than $ 150 million dollars Philip Koutine To catch Garrick striker. newspaper sports, Echo this rumor, refuse to barter as much as possible and despite being a very attractive player, «Vasar will not send the most expensive player in history to bring Gaul».

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