Friday , June 25 2021

They found a bright object unknown on Mars – Infofueguina

This element, which is registered with the NASA curiosity probe, Little Colon City, The same person with uninhabited islands belonging to the hybrid within the islands.

"One of the specimens we would like to observe better is Little Colonsay, and the planning team thinks it will be a meteor because it is so bright," said Dr. Susanne Schwenzer in an article on NASA's mission dedicated website. . curiosity.

Experts say it is still early to draw conclusions on the origin of this object. Chemical analysis is required.

"Appearances can be deceptive, and the evidence comes from chemical analysis alone," he said. NASA's curiosity probe hit the surface of the fourth planet on August 6, 2012 in the solar system.

During these years, the ship has successfully completed all the duties of the mission. In particular, I found clues to the existence of fresh water and rivers on a red planet like other planets.

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