Thursday , August 5 2021

They look for workers who have confessed to sexually abusing an 8-year-old girl. National

That A worker who confessed to sexually abusing an 8-year-old girl Extending from the victim's house. He was found dead. Last Saturday Calle Larga, Valparaiso area.

The discovery was made by the family of the construction master identified as an initial 61-year-old J.E.E., in the Patagual 1 automotive sector, according to Los Andes Online.

According to PDI, Death is related to suicide., Motivated by the responsibilities that must be faced after the man apparently confessed to abusing the child.

"All studies point out that this person is attacking his life because of the state of endogenous depression that has been created. This is linked to the judicial situation."Said Gino Gutiérrez, a civilian police brigade brigade brigade.

In fact, as the detective described in detail, the man found a note explaining the reason for the suicide and the money to pay for part of the funeral.


Last Wednesday, the man was formulated with rape and less serious injuries, confessing his anger to the owner 's daughter he worked with.

In a statement, he claimed that an eight-year-old girl committed a crime "by spreading legs".

After its formalization, Judge Roberto Gonaro Rosas ruled out prosecution for the accused. Leaving him free and national roots and prohibiting him from accessing the victim as a precautionary measure. Four months in the investigation

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