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Tonka denied the history of his father's "parallel world"

In the program "Me Late" of TV + How Tonka Tomicic's relationship with his first love has ended. His ex – wife, Luis Duvauchelle, gave details of this almost 15 – year relationship.

"Skinny, I love your soul, you were part of a family and whenever you want to come back."Davauchelle invited cheerleaders.

But the La Cuarta newspaper talked with Tonka Tomicic on this topic, and the "Welcome" cheerleaders were blunt. "I do not know what he means. Because the story you told me (I have not seen it) is false.".

Another point he wanted to clarify was to live in Louis' house early on. "Make sure you were living in another house when you were 14 and did not repair at this point. Do not say anything about it, It is rude. My mother, my father, my family, my whole family. "

In an attempt to create this report, Tonka said he did not know. "I may have seen this statement in a parallel world, but it does not fit the reality.".

The aforementioned media talked with a close friend of the cheerleader. Tomicic denied that he lived with his partner's family early on..

"I have lived with my family in her home in Florida since I was 14 and over (…) Tonka, 25, lived in a house that lived with Ives (his partner at the time).".

Meanwhile, journalist Luis Sandoval, who wrote the report, He clearly understood that Tonka Tomicic denied the information..

"Don Lewis and her truth. Hopefully you can meet again. It is a goal. He has to finish one week."He declared.

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