Tuesday , June 22 2021

Uber wants to buy lime or birds and rent electric scooters.


Über It is known to have been released in the market. Alternative to taxi; For example, using Uber Eats Deliveroo The same thing. And now a well-known company Electric scooter rental. According to the information we rely on Uber Algae or limeBoth countries are leaders in this field in our country and many other markets.

Über I expect to be more spacious. & # 39; Electric Scooter Service Market Expansion & # 39;They point out in this report. And the VTC-only option is valued through the acquisition of one of these two companies. In fact, they say it is possible to end the negotiations. Before the end of the year At present, Uber has not decided exactly what path to take, take over In one of these two companies I will help them. Face limitations. Electric scooter supply. Problems you've already faced last month.

Lime and Bird are in perfect condition when purchasing Uber and are taking the lead in hiring electric scooters.

At this moment, both Lime like a bird It is under constant pressure. Fundraising. Uber already has a minority stake in Lime and the relationship between them is closer to Bird. This summer, Rachel Holt, Uber's new director of mobility, Investment & partnership with & # 39; Lime will be your only option for all your transportation needs. It's been since summer that Uber announced his interest in getting into this area completely.

At this moment, Bird It is worth about. 2000 million Dollar Lime There is a recent evaluation on. 110 million Of dollars. In connection with this information, Bird Company & # 39; Not for sale & # 39;However, this statement may be more oriented to strengthen negotiations. But Uber and Lime did not talk about it.

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