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UDI's "hurt" for cabinets exchange: We are under penalty that we deserve.

UDI Chairman, Jacqueline van Riesel BelbeheAfter repeatedly considering his armed forces, he repeated his embarrassment with the government. Cabinet exchange It was performed on the eve by President Sebastián Piñera.

As other members of the community have already mentioned, The revision "load" the country update to the Cabinet team One of the four new members is Teodoro Ribera and the other two are close to shops based on Antonio Varas (Jaime Mañalich and Juan Carlos Jobet).

"Beyond hurting, What happened to us is that it hurt us. Because we think we are being punished for what we deserve. ", Said the union's helm. secondIn an interview, he said, "We want to feel love."

A member of the National Assembly said, "We have never fought on charges. It is just a feeling for thinking.. For example, we would have loved to be able to cooperate in social ministry. Joaquín Lavín, the best person evaluated in the last CEP survey, Put stamps unique to UDI."

"We do not understand what happened or why we do not understand it … (…) No one gave a good explanation until the minute.Why did it happen? "Senator continued.

"We are pragmatic, accept the facts, we have what we have." However, despite this frustration, "We will continue to support the government. Good work and what we have done to this day. "

In the same line, this morning, UDI Senator Víctor PérezPerson held The first coffee In Cooperative "We are waiting for the government's explanation of the matter," because "it is not normal for one of the coalition parties to participate in any of the six ministerial changes."

Desbordes' "unfortunate" criticism

From: RN, While the helm Mario Desborcedes Dismissing UDI's criticism and arguing that it is not "the government of the political quota." "The loyalty to UDI is like mouth."

Asked about it, Van Rysselberghe second what "Very unfortunate. Therefore, we have shown that we can overcome the problem by excluding the RN problem in the future because the parties always have a difference. "

UDI this Friday Expansion of the Board It is expected that Cabinet Ministers in the Termas de Cauquenes region of the O 'Higgins region will express their objection that the Cabinet has changed. Andres Chadwick.

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