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"Every moment of your life is worth it. Life is today.. It was a message that Javiera Suárez's family passed on to her close animals and to the media through memories with the reporter's face killed.

This Friday, San Francisco De Sales Parish At the company in the nearest circle, Communicator's remains were moved to Américo Vespucio Memorial Park and the last farewell greetings.

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Apart from Pergola de las Flores, there was a special memorial., Who wanted to attend, even though the coffin did not pass that premise. The pergoleros dismiss her with petals at the exit of the church, They welcomed Javiera's husband, Cristián Arriagada.

Javiera Suárez died on Wednesday, June 12 at 3:35 pm. After admission to Clínica Alemana in late stage skin cancer that affected her since 2016

Because he met Bottles of 2016, Suárez was always optimistic and had a deep faith., And are receiving various treatments such as immunotherapy to treat his illness.

And through social networks He was constantly connected with his followers. The reporter knew every step of her treatment.

When she got sick, Javiera also experienced the first pregnancy and all the odds she said. As of October 2016, two-year-old Pedro Milagros was born.

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