Friday , June 25 2021

"We categorized the South Americans and they took us to Tapia's departure"

The southpaw said, "They were happy," but Tito's farewell greeted the focus.

Gabriel Suazo was the only person to speak after U. de Conce defeated Colo Colo.. "This game is defined by small details, and is even controlled for both sides. They had a chance, and so are we. This happens inadvertently within my team. It needs to be positive in every aspect of South America, "he told the CDF.

Of course he "Colo Colo was very irregular and did not play in the national championships in Libertadores. We must continue to work and improve what we do. "

When I was consulted about Tapia's departure and Black and White's communication, the southpaw was clear. "We came out of the Latin American preliminaries and we were happy and could not hear it anywhere. It is not easy to know that a technician does not continue whatever happens. We tried to focus, but it was not given. "He said.

Finally he talked to Tito. "To thank him, he arrived at a complicated moment in Libertador. He knew how to move forward, and we left one last point. Everywhere he goes, it is a great person. "He concluded.

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