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Sunday, December 2, 2018


The Catholic University's midfielder was thrilled after the thirteenth accomplishment of the crusade. Sometimes I did not do well, but I knew how to achieve my goals and now it's time to enjoy it.

Catolica Universidad won Temuco home and was chosen as the new champion of Chilean football. In that context, Argentine Diego Buonanotte declared that one of the club 's characters was excited about the accomplishment and that it was the result of the efforts and sacrifices that made the team through the season.

Buonanotte was asked about the team's game during the season and said, "Sometimes we play well and sometimes it is not. It's hard to keep the game in the long seasons, we have to do it and hang on the crossbar.

"The reality is that it was hard to find a place where I was motivated to play, I remember the day I called, and now I have to have a good time." The club must continue to think and grow about Copa Libertadores next year "He added.

Buonanotte also mentioned the continuity of the club and declared: "I'm in June, now we have a title and it's important."

"Happiness is not so great because I miss the biggest thing I have, I was an old man, and I will visit him and go to the cemetery and take my medals."

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