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Wall Street English salespeople said most college student loans were approved.

Recently, Weibo learned that college students offered "education loans" of over 100,000 RMB to the online loan platform in the Wall Street English newspaper. The state has introduced explicit provisions except for commercial banks and policy banks, but other college students can not make loans. In this regard, Wall Street English salespeople said, "You should not borrow directly … but 30% of students studying on Wall Street are students, because there is a guarantee that Wall Street will provide a guarantee. I'll be ready. "

China has already banned campus loans, but it is strictly forbidden to lend to college students, but a Beijing Daily reporter recently found that some Internet loan apps were wearing "educational staging vests" and "stealth" advanced adult English language training. College students can buy up to 100,000 yuan. However, as some students are overwhelmed by the economy, they find it difficult to withdraw from school, and they are constantly under repayment pressure. In this regard, some legitimate people have reminded college students that when applying for a loan from an English language institution, they should not hide their student status for successful approval and hide the hidden risks to protect future rights.


College students go to Wall Street English with hundreds of thousands of loans.

Recently, Weibo Da V "Beijing People Do not Know Beijing Things" wrote that a college student asked for help: Beijing Central Central Bureau of Wall Street English repay the loan of 6,600 yuan with a financial pressure of 163,300 yuan per month In order to continue studying, the family can not repay the debt. "I do not want anything else right now. I want to withdraw money and release pressure on my family." According to Liu's classmate, he has a school sister who bought an English course at 190,000 yuan on Wall Street. Making money, she said, "She dares not find a way to talk to her family but find a way to refund, but Wall Street does not refund."

According to the picture of the loan agreement provided by Liu, the lenders have the money for Baidu, and this project is a Baidu-rich scholarship that is used only to pay the lending provider's education services from the designated educational institution. Through the Baidu Money APP, the arrears will be fully reimbursed to the designated Baidu rich account and will be deemed to have expired without payment within the specified deadline. "Negative impact of overdue late fees, penalties, and pedestrian credits as a result The dispute between you and the educational institution, including issues with acceptance of the product or service (including, but not limited to, quality issues) Will not affect your repayment obligations and you will have to pay the outstanding balance until the loan and related costs are fully paid. "

The contract on this page is a risk notice and must be part of the Baidu Money Loan agreement. According to the contract on this page, the loan contract date is April 21 this year, the course price is 8840 yuan and there is a Chinese sign of course consultant. "I can not pay my money on the basis of the quality of the training services," Liu promised. Personal information provided to me is true and effective, and spontaneously backs up all the consequences of overdue. name.

Follow up

Buying Wall Street English loans is often wasted by netizens.

At the press conference, the Beijing Daily reporter contacted bloggers who said "Beijing people do not know Beijing people" and they have not found their classmate Xiao Liu yet. However, Baidu Post Bar can be found everywhere in public opinion. He nicknamed himself "Princess of Jay's Public" and said he would go shopping but did not expect to go home and "loan" him. As Wall Street English sales were discontinued at the mall, "it took four to five hours to brainwash, signing a contract and lending money." If you get any further wrong, you can get a refund the next day. I told him to proceed with the process. "The newly graduated girl" is really crazy. I graduated this year. I am not working. You should get a loan. "

According to Voice of China, according to Wall Street English sales recommendation, many students have paid tuition fees on the internet credit platform "Baidu Money" and have to pay for the Baidu Money App every month. money. Some of them are college students or financially inept graduates. Xiao Zhang, a college student from Shanghai, said in an interview, "The salespeople attacked over 40,000 yuan with a strong attack." She repeatedly said that she had no money, but it was still recommended to use Baidu's money for education loans. Xiao Zhang uploaded all expired ID photos but managed successfully and did not warn him about the loan.


Salesperson: "Pre-1995 students are good applications."

How do college students receive an education loan from Wall Street English? Beijing Daily reporter recently announced a visit to Wall Street English store as a college student.

A reporter from Beijing Daily called the Wall Street English Yuan Chao store to learn more about what a Beijing newspaper reporter is like, how long he has been, whether he wants to test an IELTS or TOEFL, and what his goal score is. The sales staff at the central course soon started the Baidu Financial Education Installment Loan, saying, "Baidu staging is the same as bank credit card loans," the sales representative said, "I can do it for 12 months. The loan rate is 6.48%, and the 12-year repayment is 2% per year. "

When a reporter at Beiqing Daily expressed concern about the difficulty in applying for a student loan, a sales representative said, "The student should not borrow directly because he does not have social security and there is no pre-financing and no credit card." Because 30% of the students are students and there is a guarantee that Wall Street will provide a guarantee, it will be ready if the spouse is sure. "In the case of an online loan application, the above sales person will guarantee you in this store if your mobile phone is located at Sanyuanqiao store in Wall Street, for example, Baidu Financial Education will provide you with a partial payment. "

While introducing the loan platform, the salesperson mentioned that there is another loan application called Zhaolian Loan, but Zhaolian Loan has a background of bank loans. "All students who choose to work on Wall Street will choose Baidu (before the birth date). Students applying before 1995 do not have to speak to their parents."

According to the salesperson, Sanyuanqiao Center students at Wall Street have foreign trade economics students and students from Beijing Fashion Institute, and most loans have been approved. However, because of the different eligibility requirements for each individual, the amount of authorization is not the same and there are some denied loans on the platform. "It's because I'm too young," she said, "because she has poor personal qualifications, and some of them can affect the success rate of a loan due to the problems of hokugo and identification issues."


Baidu education preparation does not clearly indicate that college students can not apply.

So, what is the collapse of Baidu Financial Education Staging, which can be loaned to college students through the Wall Street English Guarantee? A reporter at Beiqing Daily found that the standard for applying for installment loans on the official website of Xiaoman Financial (renamed Baidu Finance) is very low. The first is that the applicant is between 18 and 55 years old. The second article requires a second-generation ID and debit card in the application process, and there is no clear text that college students can not apply for loans. In other words, there is a possibility that college students may obtain approval if they hide their identity in order to apply for a loan.

However, when a reporter at Beiqing Daily called Baidu to pay for a customer service call, he wanted to pay for an English language course by saying he was in the first year of middle school, and a cabling customer service representative said " I do not. "


Why do you have hundreds of thousands of loans if you learn English?

Why can English language learners receive more than RMB 10 million? "Wall Street English classes are expensive," Kevin, who is a course salesman at the Center for English Language Comrades in the Wall Street, said firmly. For him, the Wall Street English course is divided into 20 levels with 16 classes per level. For the 1: 1 VIP course, the 1-3 level tuition is 127,000 yuan, the 1-6 tuition is 155,300 yuan, the 1-9 class tuition is 176,000 yuan, and you have to pay at once. . This is not a small number for the working class, let alone a college student without an economic source. More importantly, according to the marketing style of Wall Street English, students will not be given the opportunity to "go back to discuss or discuss with their families," despite paying a higher tuition fee of over 100,000 yuan. "If you do not have a credit card, it is for me. You can pay by installment to run a Baidu financial loan and today you will pay a 10% deposit and the remaining tuition will be repaid on a monthly basis."

In a press conference, Beiqing Daily told reporters that the imbalance in curriculum and tuition standard English language curriculum was actually very large. The Oriental Ginza's Adult English Language Center is divided into 6 units, each unit consisting of 6 classes. Each unit has a total of 10 hours and is completed within 1 to 2 weeks. It's possible. Unit learning. Classes are on-line and face-to-face, with a tuition fee of 12,000 yuan for three months and a tuition fee of 30,999 yuan for 12 months.

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Baidu Finance University loan is not eligible

Wang has issued a clear statement that a member of a national lawyer association and a senior partner at the Beijing Jing Shi legal firm can not offer foreign bank loans for college lending except for commercial banks and policy banks. This includes online lenders and microfinance firms. "Baidu Finance is a financial company that does not belong to a financial institution in the form of a bank, so it has no ability to provide loans to college students."

Under national regulations, commercial banks and policy banks must develop targeted financial instruments such as student support, education, consumption and entrepreneurship, and provide customized standardized financial services to university students, subject to risk control.

However, the key point of the above Xiao Li students is when college students apply for a loan from the Ministry of Education, regardless of whether there is an application to clarify that graduate students are graduate students using Wall Street English. "If he does not fill his identity in the contract from Baidu Finance's point of view, he does not violate national regulations," Wang said. Therefore, college students should develop rational consumption concepts and improve financial literacy and credit recognition.

The role of campus lending in the past was to stimulate students to spend time in advance, primarily in high-end clothing, cosmetics, and digital products. Now, the online loan platform creates the best of the "Steering Phase" of the advanced stealth adult education institution and uses student's purse excessively at high tuition fees.

Another legal person believes that training organizations must clearly state the actions that restrict consumers and blacken and disclose text. In response to such questions that it is difficult to withdraw tuition fees, a court official suggested that consumers could first verify the evidence, such as downloading the document for notarization and reporting to the industry and the Department of Commerce. And if you are suspected of fraud, you can report the case to the Public Security Service.

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Financial observation

"Preparing for Education" vest campus loan application

According to public information, a campus loan represents the behavior of students borrowing money from various loan platforms. In recent years, the relevant provincial governments have always maintained high pressure on campus loans and protected students' personal and property safety by law.

The Ministry of Education and the Banking Regulatory Commission jointly announced in April 2016 a "Notice on strengthening risk prevention and education guidelines for poor network loans on campus", and said that all universities will provide daily monitoring mechanisms for poor network rental on campus, They were asked to establish an alerting mechanism and were required to establish a campus. Bad network loans have to deal with the disposal mechanism.

On June 28, 2017, the Bank of China Regulatory Commission, Department of Education, and Human Resources and Social Security Department jointly announced a Campus Credit Standard Management Enhancement Notice (called Notification). "Notices" require online lenders engaged in on-campus online lending businesses to suspend their newly-issued campus IPO business and establish a clear exit commutation plan based on their stock business.

On September 6, 2017, the Ministry of Education made it clear once again that "school loan business was banned and not all online lenders are allowed to lend to college students."

On September 4, 2018, the People's Daily issued some "campus rentals, job loans, training loans and corporate loans" documents. According to this article, campus loans are still in place in some areas, and in particular a myriad of elements have changed to "vests", and recycling and rehabilitation methods, employment funds, training loans and corporate loans have brought about the safety of campus and the legitimate rights and interests of students This is an important issue. Serious damage, careful inspection is not required.

Lease payments are to ask the lending company to read college students 'address book and to control college students' personal information. After the deadline, the loan company annoys the college students' family and friends according to the address book, updates the loan to college students, and replaces other platforms to fill the hole and fall into a vicious cycle.

While pension funding means meeting some college students who provide good pay when applying for a job, college students have to pay a high education fee when they sign a training and employment contract with the company. Many students can not pay, and company employees indicate that they can make loans to the company or a third party first and receive monthly wages. Although many college students were confused, the company pledged that they could not earn high-penny pennies, but owes tens of thousands of loans due to so-called training loans.

Officially, the "education level" of Wall Street English is actually a variation of education loans. Relevant departments need to strengthen their oversight, while at the same time strengthen financial education and anti-corruption propaganda for college students, and do not make campus loans "off campus".

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