Monday , October 3 2022

Entertainment Daily | Wang Xiang, Remarks on Hanjang Forest, Shang Zunguo Beating’s Beijing Mansion Exposure, Zhang Yishan, Response to Smoke Controversy _ Liuyang -Sohu


  1. Entertainment Daily | Wang Sheng, Han Jang Forest Comments, Xiang Zung Guo Beating Beijing Mansion Exposure, Zhang Ilsan Smoke Controversy Response _ Liu YangSohu
  2. Jang Ilsan responded to the controversy about the acting ability of the new drama: Sometimes I am not good at | Jang Ilsan | Lu Dingji | Wei Xiao BaoSina
  3. New “Deer and Dingji” Duban only scored 2.8 netizens: Wei Xiao Bao played like a monkey domestic dramacnBeta
  4. Less than 2.5 points, Huang Xiaoming wanted to read it and write a thank you letter. Zhang Ilsan’s “Deer Ding Ji” version is not enough _ 韦小宝Sohu
  5. Chinese new version “Deer and Dingji” criticized as a crazy monkey Lian He Zhao Bao
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