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Fighting is the best statement by young people


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Author: Wang Zhuantao

Carlisle's philosopher said, "The struggle will stop and life will stand."

Recently, online "buzzwords", such as the active abolition of people, the Buddhist youth and the "invisible poverty population" have become a symbol of self-realization of young people. Some people say that this is a tendency to self-indulgence, decadence, frustration and anxiety in the youth group, and many are infected with such emotions.

Fighting is the best statement by young people

It was first called the "Beat Generation" in the 1980s and 1990s, and has witnessed a number of significant events in the last few years, people who have seen responsibility and responsibility since the 80s and 90s have been altered their original views. Younger generations who are adults within their responsibilities and responsibilities are faced with optimistic attitudes and courage towards new burdens.

The generation has a generation of people. Today's young people are living in a growing period of their lives, living in a changing society and changing rapidly, with pressure on employment, responsibility for the shoulders, a wheelchair need time, inevitable urgency and anxiety. These difficulties are like "stones" by growth and if young people are positively faced with them, these "stones" will be growth boosters if they are passive they will be barriers.

Every generation has the difficulty that every generation has fate and food. What does not change is that every generation must be able to give up its social and family responsibilities. Only through pursuit and progress we can create a better life. As a younger generation, fight for a good age: it is best to leave the negative subculture and use your fight, your hard work, and your responsibility to write your youth.

Fighting is the background of life. It is far ahead of the road, the road rarely appears, but there are infinite landscapes. "If people's activities are not inspired by ideas, they will be empty and small," said Chernyshevsky. The best time for a man's life is young people's age. It's a kind of happiness to dream, business, and work hard by building dreams.

Despite the failures, experience, running, fitness, and sweat, the release of pressure, painting, singing, art to ease the heart's concern … and hard, tough work and dedication. There is no white sweat and tears under the sun, and some gains can not be measured by money. After growing experience of life and accumulating experience, it fades from maturity and maturity. The mind is also healthier and more uplifting.

"Scientists can not be without glory and have to go a long way." The future of the country, the fate of the nation and the happiness of the people are important tasks that contemporary Chinese youth must and must bear. "Xi Jinping Secretary-General at the National Youth Association XII In the congratulatory letters of the National Committee and the National Student Association's 26th National Congress, the embarrassing discourse is the goal of the younger generation, and the impetus for progress must be given to achieving the goal. (Wang Chuantao), who will be able to realize their dreams, take responsibility and reach their own.


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