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Yesterday, the 2020 European Cup final at the Dublin Convention Center was successfully completed, and the second Germany was divided into Group C and met again with the Netherlands after the European Nations League.

The 2020 European Cup was selected for the lottery, which shows a big screen after the ceremony. (Photo: AFP)

(Dublin, Ireland, 2nd place) At the Dublin Convention Center, the draw for the 2020 European Cup ended successfully, and Germany was divided into the C group. I have met with the Netherlands again since the European National League.

In the European national league this year, the Netherlands and the two recent world champions France and Germany did not make an optimistic effort jointly with the A-Group 1, eventually scoring seven points in the "Orange Shirt Army" It only got one point and was downgraded.

This time the Netherlands and Germany met at the 2020 European Cup and the new hatreds put the two teams at a furious spark. The other three teams in Group C are Northern Ireland, Estonia and Belarus.

Well feels hard to touch the world runners

E-group wells will challenge the 2018 World Cup runners-up Croatia, and the E-team will have Slovakia, Hungary and Azerbaijan.

Wells coach Gis says, "Croatia has one of the best players in the world, Modric, and the whole team is full of personality and never gives up. We have to make good progress and have an opportunity to win them."

A more prominent group matchup is D Switzerland vs. Denmark, F Spain vs Sweden and Group I Belgium vs Russia.

On the other hand, the first teams in England (Group A), Portugal (Group B), Poland (Group G), France (Group H) and Italy (Group J) are all very good and passable. .

Mancini: Germany is signing to avoid.

Bosnia-Herzegovina, Finland, Greece, Armenia, and Liechtenstein. "As long as we can avoid Germany, we draw in the other party, now it is time to be reborn."

Twenty-four teams will compete in the 2020 European Cup Final, qualifying for qualifying for the first time, and 16 teams in the European National League will qualify for the remaining four seats.

In the European National League in 2018, the first team of each group can play in the playoffs if they can not compete in the qualifying round, and the rest is based on the results of the European National League .

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