Thursday , August 5 2021

Huang Jiui's meeting with "Earth's Last Night" was about an hour of lens anxiety. | Last night of the earth | Huang Jue | Tang Wei –

  1. Huang Jue talks "the last night of the earth" time was long anxious lens | Last night of the earth | Hwang Jue | Tang Wei
  2. Huang Jue and Tang Wei kissed the show and the heartbeat was too big and laughed by all the crew – no worries
  3. "The Last Night of the Earth" Tang Emperor repeats the love order called Liu Yanran Han Han group called Call Liao Fan to drink wine like "Bungee" – Mtime Time Network Mtime Time Network
  4. And Tang Wei beat the play, the heartbeat to Huangju is so strong that it affects the recording | Huang Jue | Tang Wei | "The Last Night on Earth" Sina
  5. Young director Bi Wei: I do not fight investors. "The Last Night on Earth" is an art film that can not be defined. "Mtime Time Network
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