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Jiangchuan 23 points, Beijing 3-2 big turn, three consecutive wins, men's volleyball league _ Shandong


Original title: Jiangchuan 23 points, Beijing 3-2 big turn, three consecutive wins, male lead volleyball league

On November 18, Beijing Auto lost its disadvantage for the first time in two matches and met Jiangchuan Mania ahead of three matches in Shandong Sports Lottery. The hurricane scored 23 points and hit Cuba's main attack Leonardo.

Eight Group: Shandong Sports Lottery 2-3 Beijing Automobile (25-19, 25-22, 19-25, 23-25, 9-15)

In the first game, Shandong Wang Jing was trampled to 10-8-8, was overtaken by Tillie, Fu Wenping opened, and Jiangchuan made a mistake by 12-9. After Beijing's suspension, Leonardo's three light drop points and Jiangchuan's second two chasing two points, Shandong Zhang Zuyuan short fast probe opens again to 15-12. Beijing Gu Jiafeng high point fast ball, Leona several buckles and jumpers are approaching 15-16, Shandong Jidao Shuai lightly dropped the point, then 22-18, Liu Meng second ball jump hairline, and jump into the difference Widened Send your score directly to win 25-19.

In the second game, the third and Leonardo jumper of Beijing Tilley scored two goals in the 0-2, 6-8 after Jiang Li's second, but Tiliye did not stop the season from going well. Shandong Zhang Zuyuan defeated 11-8, took a break from Liu Xudong and scored again. Beijing Binglong Ping and Leonardo played 11-12. Shandong Xinxin bend repeatedly chase two points, approaching 19-20, 20-24 approach by Beijing Jiangchuan's second and heavy buckle slash Jiang Chuan and Zhang Binglong, intercepting Zhang Binglong to short and fast 16-11, but Hou Wenqiang attack Was defeated by 22-25.

In the third game, Shandong Shin-Jin was quickly intercepted by Gua-Peng and hit 3-5 by Ho-won, while Zhang Tsui-yuan prevented Leonardo's adjustment and attack, but Changcheon went 2-7-9. Shandong Zhang Zuyuan distant network adjustment attack, but the season DAO Shuai passed Zhang Qiyong pause 8-13, the ball Ji Daoshuo attacked Gu Jiafeng to send volleyball out boundaries into the 14-18. Shandong Zhang Zuyuan blocked Gu Jiafeng's sneak attack and short-term approach to 16-19's Liu Xudong, shortening Beijing's Hu Jintao, Leonardo continuing, and the third and Zhang Binglong's 25-19.

In the fourth game, Shandong Fu Hou Wenping was fired and shot through the Eagle Eye Challenge. Yang Huaxing surpassed Leonardo after winning Lang Yiyi 2-3 to 3-3. Beijing Jiangchuan Peiping and Wu Jiafeng jumped out of bounds for the 11-13, Shandong Fu Hou Wenchong and Hu XI, intercepting short-term Xinxin to 8-4. In the second qualifying round of the Beijing Gangchuan, they beat the net in the fourth quarter to 17-14, and Shandong Jidao Shauping opened his heart and beat Hou Wenzhong 16-18. Fu Houwen jumped to 20-19 but the season was over. Light cranes were blocked by Leonardo 23-25.

In the fifth game, Beijing Hu made a 3-1 draw in the short-term and Gangchuan's heavy deduction, and Shandong Zhao Shuai tied Leonardo after three deductions. Beijing Liu Ze forced to take Zhang Qiyong break, blocked the payment of Hou Wenzhong to 5-3, Jiangchuan jump to score, Zhang Binglong intercepted Qi Zhichao and avoided the opposition to 8-3. After Shandong Guo Lei blocked Jiangchuan, he was attacked by Leonardo and split into 6-11. Peking Leonard's several buckles and Hu Xizhao soon reached 13-7. Zhang Binglong was not at first, but Jiangchuan dropped the ball. Zhang Bing Dragon Pingla slash 15-9 to block the victory.Go back to Sohu and see more

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