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Tang Wei's new drama publicity film will be based on the novel of the same name – work, or will, this, love, Huasheng online

2018-12-26 15:08:45 Source: Huasheng Online

"Woman's Girl", a drama in the urban sensibility workshop, starring Tangin, Wu Yuu, Mo Xiaoqi and Li Chen Ji, has released a new promotional material announced on December 28 to land at Zhejiang Satellite TV China Blue Theater. According to Shu Yi's same-name novel, Gao Xixi is an artistic director directed by Jiang Jiajun, and will write a book on Ouyang Qinshu and Qian Xiaotian scenarios. True love and self-growth stories.

"Lady of the Lady" is broadcast to the stars, and the netizens admire Tang Jan "can do very well".

The TV series "Woman in the Lattice" was broadcast on the ground channel, with a realistic depiction and modern emotional portrayal of Douban 7.3. Now the show is broadcast on Zhejiang Satellite TV, which surprises the crowd. The fans said, "Sugar candy works for new broadcasts and finally got what they want." Netizens said, "This drama has been tested for six years and is still starred. "One of the four small flowers, Tang Wei, in recent years, the result was outstanding, the work was evaluated and the topic was excellent. Not long ago, she just got married, and she promoted her to release her mature charm. This gentle and gentle destruction of the past challenged the quiet and brave worker elite Tang Bin, creating new feelings for netizens. "I did not expect the Tang to be a sweet and salty type." I will continue to work on this landmark work of Tang in her past.

Tang Wei Wu Zhuoyu first partner Mo Xiaoqi Li Chenghao strength support

Promoted movies released today <격자 속의 여인>In the sweet first meeting of Yang Wei Tan Bin and Wu Zhuozhen at Cheng Ruimin, the perfect president, it was a great chemical reaction. In order to understand the audience well, the classical male Shin Yoo Yu Yu used works such as "Jong Sang Yun Yu" and "Dadang Sang Yong Yuan", but nowadays, the fresh meat is not recognized and harmonizes with the audience. degree. In an implicit understanding of his work with Tan Bin, he was slowly dragged to the other side but buried his feelings in his mind. He was interested in it, and there were a lot of warm male friends circles. In addition, Mo Xiaoqi, considered by netizens as "point toothpaste", plays Mini with beauty and coexistence in play. She is Tan Bin's competitor and Cheng Ruimin's ex-girlfriend. Her slick, personality character is active in the outside world. Especially "mini 怼" makes people more addicted to the gorgeous. Li Chengzhen is a freelance artist, Shen Pei, and is also a female hero's boyfriend. Its romantic temperament and personality are no different. At work, Tan Bin is confronted with a difficult emotional choice between Cheng Ruimin and Shen Pei, where to guess. Four unique characters will collide with each other or sweep away new sparks of the past.

It shows the positive power of the struggle for a better life through recreation.

The "Woman in the Grid" has two lines of work and love scenes to show the different attitudes and choices of young people in modern cities in the face of difficulties. On the one hand, it is not only the "bronze to king" that shows up in the office's high-grade, but also vividly demonstrates the 'people's life at work', which shows competition battles between camps that rely on strength and strategy to compete with one another. I interpret it. "On the other hand, play interprets different types of emotions in romantic, mature, and multidimensional dimensions. The selection problem faced by the protagonist of play is either an emotional problem that many young people now face, or an in-depth discussion of the value of love Through the dual setting of & # 39; work and sincerely & # 39; this show will actually show the positive value of trying to 'live for a better life' to the audience. And love must not be acquired in immoral ways and addicted to false illusions.We must work hard to live in the way we like without the courage to face reality.

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