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The first batch of the Science and Technology Committee will create a new test report: is the performance of the Science and Technology Fund is actually as good as the A-Fund? Daily Economic News


By the time the Science and Technology Committee was inaugurated, the company's list of listed companies is drawing attention. According to Wind Data, nearly 1,150 fund companies successfully launched more than 1,550 products on July 17th. A reporter for "Daily Economic News" said the overall performance of the Science and Technology Fund's Science and Technology Board was generally average, with some A-State funds receiving higher scores in science and technology competition. At the same time, some 1,600 funds with new shares of the China Science and Technology Council have released their second quarter reports, so the latest size and status have risen, and some fund managers have commented on their investments in science and technology in the quarterly report.

Total 1,050 products in 108 companies totaled RMB12.97 billion

According to Wind Data, 108 fund companies, including securities companies that were granted public offerings on July 17, were allocated under the company's network and a total of 1,550 products were allocated to approximately RMB 12.95 billion. Of these, 270 products were allocated more than 20 shares and 426 products were allocated over 10 million RMB.

Depending on the amount allocated, Taikang New Spportunity and Taikang Hongshi will be open for three months and will be allocated Rongtong Internet Media, Rongtong New Blue Chip, Rongtong Industry Boom, Rongtong Power Pioneer, Rongtong Healthcare A, Guofu Flexible Market Value and Rongtong Tongxin. The amount is more than 19 million yuan. This data shows that at the end of the second quarter, the 52 funds allocated to more than 18.5 million yuan were almost over 1 billion yuan. The five relatively small funds are composed of Penghua Hongli A, Rongtong New Energy, Xinhua Industry Rotation Configuration A, Rongtong New Opportunity and Xinhua Preferred Dividend. At the end of the second quarter, the fund size was 920 million Yuan, 10.85 It is 10.9 billion yuan. Yuan is 11.11 billion yuan, 11.58 billion yuan.

Given the probability of a strike, Guolian is the only fund company to gain a home run, and two national funds, Xinlong A and Guolian An Xiaopan, were selected as 25 new shares. In addition, the number of public funds funded by 24 companies and 23 companies is 31 and 43, respectively.

The Kechuang theme fund set a new record.

Although there is no investment limit for the Science and Technology Committee, the Science and Technology Fund is often associated with the Science and Technology Council. So what is the outcome of the Science and Technology Fund in the new technological boom?

"Daily Economic News" reporter observed that WIND provided data and found that not all 18 established science and technology theme funds were involved in any new business. According to these data, the Science Innovation Unit has only 10 science and technology funds allocated, the first batch of Southern Science and Technology Innovation and Giant Technology Innovation, and 6 science and technology themes three years closed. It was not. From the data obtained, the ten new Science and Technology Theme funds allocated are not significantly better than other A-Funds.

According to the wind data, the closing of the theme of Penghua Kechuang was the most successful in the three years among the 10 funds covered by the scientific and technological innovation in China, the number of new shares issued was 22, and the allocation amount reached 16,551,000 Yuan. This is also the only science and technology theme fund allocated over 10 million yuan, but is not yet on the top 50 list. In addition, Wanjiake has developed three years A, ICBC Technology Innovation 3 years, Fuguo Science and Technology Innovation, Fuguokechuang Theme 3 years, Guangfa Kechuang Theme 3 years closed and Huaan Kechuang theme 3 years. 10, the amount allocated is more than 5 million yuan. The remaining Harvest Technology Innovations, Huaxia Technology Innovation A and Huitianfu Technology Innovation A have only one new share. Compared to the scale of 100 million yuan, such a new record is very small. In general, in the subscription section of the science and technology network, the Science and Technology Fund did not appear much stronger than other A shares.

Fund industry officials said it was not surprising that the Science and Technology Theme Fund is going to be a new battle. In his view, in addition to the three-year closure of science and technology themes can participate in the strategic placement of this advantage, science and technology-themed funds and other A-share fund is no different, and even can not participate in a new set up a short time to build some funds warehouse . The fund is not the name of the fund, but said the situation of new stock research and quotations, he said that each person's opinion is different, all objects are worth, or other expectations of the price. "The board's estimates were expected to be relatively low but actually higher than the market expected."

While offline purchases are common, the strategic deployment advantage of the Science and Technology Fund is still evident. According to publicly disclosed information, the two-year shutdown of Boss Science and Technology as of July 17 and Huaxia's three-year closed operation strategy were listed on listed companies' strategic positions. As a result of the strategic deployment of China Tonghao, both products eventually reached 6928.8 million yuan, a total of 11.839 billion yuan, with a limited sales period of 12 months.

Funds range from 10 million to 10 billion.

Public funding will be the best choice for anyone who wants to use the Scientific Committee's soup. Since all the funds that can invest in A stock can invest in the board, a thousand public funds are expected to join the new board of directors of China Science and Technology. However, many people acknowledge that the level of innovative stocks is not large, and large funds will dilute new revenue and benefit more from SMEs. So, what is the current size of the fund to hold a new board of directors in Chinese science and technology?

"Maeil Business News" reporter noted that as of June 30, the fund size for the new board is significantly different. The smallest bank was 10 million, and the largest bank was 10 billion yuan. In addition to the emerging growth of the Inveshun Great Wall, it is worth noting that the remaining 10 quartile science and technology board allocation funds were strategically placed or manual index funds. Among them, the Huaxia SSE 50 ETF, the Southern CSI 500 ETF and the Huatai Bairui CSI 300 ETF are the representative products, with 18, 15 and 13, respectively. For these hundreds of millions of fund products, even if there are 25 hits, the new income gained may not be clear.

Wind Data also shows that at the end of the second quarter of the Science and Technology Planning Dividend Fund, there are more than 200 units of 1 billion units at the end of the year, 144 to 500-1,000,000 yuan, and 3-500 million yuan. 132, 182 ~ 130 million yuan, less than 600 million yuan. Among them, the smallest fund currently allocated is associated with the Huaxia-Huaxia SSE Medical and Health ETF, and as of the end of the second quarter, the fund amounted to 47,379,700 units, with a net asset value of 7,850.3 million yuan. In terms of its new achievements, a total of 15 new shares were allocated, with a total amount of 1,259,200 yuan. The largest amount of funds allocated to less than 100 million won is Tianzhi low-carbon economy, and as of the end of the second quarter, the fund is 9,717,101,000 yuan, generating a total of 13 trillion new shares, totaling 3,982,300 yuan.

Large scales may not have new revenue, but this does not mean that the smaller the scale, the better. Some suggest that the new market capitalization threshold is $ 60 million, which means that a new fund is needed and small risk exposure is high. Unlike motherboards, science-based boards and motherboards can be avoided without risk. A small fund can benefit greatly if it rises, but if the decline is severe, the fund can suffer greater losses. In addition, the two investment philosophies differ depending on whether new investments are made through SMEs funds or whether they participate in investment through science and technology committee strategic allocation funds or science and technology theme funds. The former is mainly based on realizing short-term profits, Please. He said the choice of scale ultimately depends on the investor's philosophy and preferences.

Themes vary, with an average position of over 70%.

Except for equity investment, passive / enhanced exponential, partial equity / debt / balanced hybrid, and flexible configuration types, there are many types of funds to participate in the Science and Technology Committee. In addition to the well-known classification, there are some alternative investment products such as REITs such as quantitative hedge and absolute return strategy products for stocks and long-term selling, Penghua Qianhai.

In addition to the differences in type and method of investment objectives, there are differences in the industry and subject matter of the fund, such as medical, military, banking, consumer, internet, etc., so the fund itself and investment method have. After all, it can bring some benefits to the new board, but the most important impacts in most funds are traditional investment philosophy, job position requirements, strategic methods and industry themes.

Reporters pointed out that at the end of the second quarter, the S & T committee's position is different. Some funds, such as ETFs, will allocate 99.98% and some points are still zero. For example, in April of this year, Huaxia Pension, which holds 15 new shares, was established, taking into account many uncertainties at home and abroad. Investments in equities are relatively conservative, with positions at the end of the quarter being zero, as the key locations are monetary and fixed income assets. Overall, however, the average ranking of the Scientific and Technical Committees assigned to the quarterly report at the end of the second quarter was 73.43%.

In the second quarter report fund investment strategy and operational analysis, many managers said the Science and Technology Committee will focus on stocks. For example, the Bank of Communications theme with 23 innovative stocks is favored, with the listing of the Science and Technology Council and the relaxation of approval of major domestic asset restructuring, more assets will be registered in the capital market and the differentiation of listed companies will be further expanded is. For companies with good cash flow and good commercial barriers, industries with low correlations with external adverse factors will still be preferred in the market, and the fund will still consider such share allocation.

Harvest Enterprises' reforms, with 22 innovative stocks, predicted that the market would have a stable and structured opportunity due to the gradual easing of trade friction and technical friction, the introduction of potential domestic hedge policies and the official opening of the Science and Technology Council. In two key lines – technological innovation and improved consumption – we will look for sub-sectors and high-quality growth targets that are expected to exceed expectations and performance.

Founded a year ago, Peng Yang Jingsheng has been assigned a 23rd stake, and in the second quarter, traditional real estate + infrastructure + leverage models are no longer a major growth model and will lead to technology, manufacturing and consumption. The changes and upgrades of the service industry and the launch of the Science and Technology Committee are in line with this trend. He also said he would be actively interested in the first stage investment opportunities in science and technology.

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