Thursday , August 5 2021

The movie "Bumblebee" released "Fast Hurricane" clip. Hornet performs "Speed ​​and Passion" – Movie – cnBeta.COM

The first independent film "Bee" in the "Transformers" series, co-produced by Paramount Pictures and Tencent Pictures, will be released on January 4, 2019. Today, the film unveiled a horrible hornet movie clip called "Fast Hurricane" and a policeman carries a fierce chase after adrenaline rushes. During this time, the bees performed many cool, burning deformations, The energy was overflowing. .

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Tunnel deformation brake! The bees are "speed and enthusiasm"
The movie "Bumblebee" released "Fast Hurricane" clip.

In the latest exposure, Hornet, carrying Charlie and a note, was caught on a speeding and police car. To avoid a police car chase, a bee was on the highway at a very fast time passing through a narrow tunnel and the bee showed a cool deformation technique. There were unbelievable police behind him while successfully avoiding the police car and turning his elbows gently. Originally Tension Chali and Memo Thrill were very excited after a "flying" trip, and Charlie said "it's so cool," which is more exciting.

In fact, Charlie's excitement told most audiences, and many fans said, "The sudden protruding robotic arm was shocked and cool." He said that human form and car shape have changed naturally. In addition, there are many fans of Transformers fans, and full-scale bloody Hornet has successfully turned the flour.

"Bumblebee" movie brings a new story. With the disruption of Cybertron in several previously released trailers, you can discover that a wasp and Chali have been fighting side by side to evacuate. Decepticons attempted to invade Earth. Among them, the scene of the intense fight between Hornet and Decepticons is particularly impressive. "Nevada's fierce fighting scene makes people scream." The "um bee" is definitely the most anticipated blockbuster early this year. "The close battle of the Steel battle is very enjoyable. A series of spectacular visual effects like the Transformers series has always fueled the" car + explosion " "I can immediately ignite the flame in my heart. "

The film "B" was co-produced by Paramount Pictures of Pictures and Tencent Pictures in the US and Tencent Pictures jointly promoted and promoted PR in China. The film features director Travis Knight, director of "Magic Strings," an Oscar-nominated animated feature film, Michael Bay's Lorenzo Di Bonaventura, Steven Spielberg, Spielberg) aired a film as a producer. Hayley Stanfield, John Senna and Jorge Landberg are co-starring and will be officially announced on January 4, 2019 in mainland China.

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