Friday , June 25 2021

Under Urumqi Yellow Eyes Netizen: Mandi "Tiramisu" – Network Anecdote – cnBeta.COM

On December 1, the "yellow eyes" phenomenon appeared in the Urumqi district of Xinjiang, and netizens sneaked into Weibo and snow fell. In public, the community was covered with yellow snow and the parked vehicle was coated with a layer of chocolate. The netizen called it "tiramisu of uramchi".Native

Some netizens say, "It is as good as chocolate in cream, but it does not shake.
Urumqi Airport has been closed many times and many citizens have been affected.

Why did the snow turn yellow? Some netizens replied:

Turfan's hot air brought the sand of the Kumutage desert to Urumqi with high air pressure and met the cold in the Siberian direction. The snow was in the sand, the snow was in the sand, and the horizon was wrapped.

@ 中国 天气 Guan Wei also had a similar explanation: "yellow eyes under Urumqi is not simple, it is a combination of dust + blizzard."

According to meteorologists, sand and sand dust in the northwest wind jointly created a "yellow eye". From Nov. 30, there were more than 7 strong winds from various places in Xinjiang under the influence of strong cold. Sand storms hit Karama area and winds flowed to Urumqi, Zhangji and other areas along with the south, causing heavy snow and dust I gave birth.

In the early days, snow was the main factor, and in the late period dust was mainly used, resulting in stratification.

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