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WeChat promotional violations attract app headlines Dingdong Jingyi cloud is the name of the music – WeChat Tencent WeChat.

On the evening of January 26, the WeChat platform announced notice of recent violations and malicious confrontations such as "Today's headlines", "Volcano Video", "Watermelon Video", "Netease Cloud Music" I did. Various gradients have been applied to various apps, including "drip lines" and "funny headlines."

According to this announcement, some online platforms have recently encouraged users to share and disseminate external content to their friends through cash rewards, virtual goods, and testing that seriously affect the user experience of friends, group chat, and other features.

Some network platforms include, but are not limited to, processes that use a technology bypass and a malicious substitution mechanism to change domain names, domain names into pictures, Mars text, and convert applications to brushes and pull them into new ones, It violates rules that are not.

According to the announcement, in the "Funding China Year" activity, the headline products were shared in the form of a red envelope and the rules were bypassed using text links and picture QR codes. It also transforms the domain name used to transform up to 72 domain names. If the domain name is prohibited by a micro envelope, the text password is used again and confronted.

In early February 2018, WeChat attacked illegal Spring Festival online activities and violated Tencent Sports-Members Red Packets, Today's Headline, Ji Zodiao, Fighting Lots, Gash Cash Red Packets, Jingdong-Hungry Money, One case has been released.

WeChat says irregular activities and malicious replacements throughout the year will undoubtedly have a negative impact on the user experience.

According to the "WeChat Public Platform Operational Specification" and "WeChat External Link Content Management Specification", WeChat will immediately deal with violations and malicious confrontations, including, but not limited to, stopping the spread of links to your friends' circles. Disable access to related domain names or IP addresses and prohibit the associated open platform account or application's shared interface. If it is incorrect, permanently disable the account, domain name, IP address or shared interface. (Li Nan)

Here is the full text of the announcement.

Spring festivals are times of frequent violations.

Recently, some online platforms have encouraged users to share and distribute external content to their friends through cash rewards, virtual goods, and testing that have a profound impact on the user experience of friends, group chat, and other features. Some network platforms change the domain name and password to maliciously react after the violation is handled and repeatedly violate the rule.

In accordance with the relevant rules, WeChat expressly prohibits testing and inducing behavior of external links. For repeated violations and malicious confrontations, WeChat will adopt a step-by-step processing mechanism for more stringent processing.

The violation cases are disclosed as follows.

1. Sharing violation test, induce sharing violation

Example 1:

Violation APP: "Drips", "Jingdong" etc;

Violation form: Judo users will be shared with friends via WeChat via test and red envelope compensation.

2. The existence of confrontational behavior, repeated methods of confrontation and violation

Example 2:

Violation APP: "Netease Cloud Music" etc;

Violation form: Propagate H5 as a test form, encourage users to engage in interaction, and fight using alternative link methods.

Example 3:

Violation APP: "Today's Headlines", "Today's Headline Speed ​​Version", "Volcano Video", "Watermelon Video" and more.

Violation form: using a text link to induce sharing in the form of a red envelope, two-dimensional code illustration to bypass the rules, up to 72 times before the release of the domain name. If the relevant domain name is forbidden, use the text password again to confront.


This will stop the link content to continue to circulate in your friends' circles, stop access to the relevant domain name or IP address, block the associated public platform account or application sharing interface, and so forth.

Step-by-step mechanisms such as lowering daily share quotas, limiting use of the WeChat login feature interface, blocking accounts, blocking domain names, sharing IP addresses, or sharing interfaces are adopted for violations that repeatedly violate violations and confrontation behavior.

See specific rules: WeChat external link content management specification, WeChat public platform operating specification, WeChat open platform developer service agreement

Violations related to presentation: announcement to crack down on illegal online activities during Spring Festival

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