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Zhejiang Satellite TV "Youth Tour" Wang Caixian large-scale performance plans – Chinanews

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Beijing, May 18, Zhejiang Satellite TV and cultural tourism exploration program "Youth Tour" will be broadcasted at 5:18 pm on the 20th. "Youth Tour Group" Wang Kai, Wu Jinyan, Lin Yun, We Daxun, Fan Wei, Hu Xianyu, Song Mingrui, Duan Meiyang went to the ancient capital of Xian from the Fifteenth Dynasty. Tang Fengyun feels "the ancient meaning of Changan" that survived to this day. Du Juan, Jiang Mengyu, Zhou Yuqi, Meng Jia youth, Youth League gather to experience the beauty of Tang dynasty. In this episode, six male guests will play classics such as "The Legend of the New White Lady", "Travel to the West", "Legend of the Man of the Sword and Legend" and "Condor Hero" in the first solo exhibition. In the foot of the movie and TV drama, we find the guests of the female team, go to Tanglao Pulung Garden and Hwa-Cheong Palace and learn humanities and customs such as Tang make-up and dancing and finally realize the beauty of Tang through this way. Music and dance performances with the charm of the great Tang Dynasty.

Wang Kai's "Mystic Mission" was released with Lin Yun's team.

Wu Jinyan danced Xi 'an City Fan Wei to help drum

In the last program, Wang Kai was given a "mystical mission" to leave the Nanjing to the West. And he went to the west side from the roadside and caused a heated debate about the Internet. Netizens said, "I want to know where Kege went." In this episode "Youth Sponsor" Sina Weibo Fan Yuze announced this suspense. The original program group will host large music and dance performances in Xian, and Wang Kai has invited Wang Kai to participate in the core creative team and plan a performance with the program group on the theme of "The beauty of Datang". Wang Kai agreed, and at the same time he invited the program group and hoped to become the stage coordinator of the performance. Wu Dasun, Lin Yoon and Duduan will perform "Minhang" performances, and all members of "Youth Tour Group" will be invited to "Beauty of Da'ant" I will participate. Hu Xianqi, Meng Jia, Zhou Yuqi and Duan Meiyang will play "Song of Eternal Sorrow". And Wang Kai and Lin Yoon once again "watch the team" is also worth watching. After the first two periods of the two, tacit understanding continues to rise. In "Ai Mei Ge Wang", two are "friends" and help each other. One man grabs the wheat, one man blocks the other, and "battle power" is full.

One of the major performances of "Big Tang Beauty" performer, Wu Jinyan, a dancer, changes his direct and beautiful images in movies and TV dramas and wears Tang costume. Thanks to his long years of dance skills, Wu Jianyang has shown light, feminine, graceful and elegant dance, Tang dynasty style and a bright feeling to the audience. Fan Wei, a member of the same team, has practiced drumming techniques and is handsome and young in performing with Song Mingrui and Wu Jinan.

Wei Daxun Fan Wei Xianyu experience Tang customs

Cute pet crashes on a cute burst table

In the Tang make-up experience, male guests will also make up for female guests personally. Wei Daxun, Fan Wei, and Hu Xianqi were often wasted by "straight aesthetics". Dujuan bluntly told Wei Daxun, "You are ugly to me," and chases We Daxun's "beating" to make the members laugh. Later, members learn about the popular swordsmanship of the Tang people and use the sword dance movements they learned to perform intense and intense gaming experiences.

Photos provided

Photos provided

In addition to the four female guests participating in the program, the program group invited six cute cute pets to help. Male guests should choose one. Wang Kai chose Kegi with a short leg that "started strongly for the first time" in contrast to the long legs. During his mission he sometimes played with the dog. Fan Wei decided to cooperate with the flower. Previously there was cooperation, but the blossoming of flowers seems to be "not interested" to the brother in front of him playing with other friends. What story comes up when "Phi Phi" meets a cute little flower again? And the first "cross-border" performance as a stage coordinator for Wang Kai's large-scale performances is a surprise to all. What kind of performances will the "Youth Tour Group" provide to the audience? More exciting content, please expect the third day of the "Youth Tour" of Zhejiang Satellite TV at 20:30 today.

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