Sunday , April 18 2021

Alberto Gamero talks about Tolima's victory in Santa Fe | Colombia Football | Eagle Federation

Thalmatolima made his first visit to Santa Fe in the first leg of the League II-2018, winning 1-2, and making Alberto Geimar happy. His team showed a good face, but DT left his key still open to his advantage.

"I am happy because we found the team we are attacking.The team is elaborate but they do not attack.I thought they did not take the ball from us.I told the players that I wanted to play rather than play good. The balls beside Santa Fe put us at risk, but I am happy because I have three points, and I leave the open key to fight on Saturday. "

The coach found the key to not making the same mistake against Santa Fe, and the team responded. "Santa Fe drove us out to get the ball, and we did not, Santa Fe is annoying when we want to solve the problem, because the last game is to lose the ball, we fix it, It is normal for us to get to the front and attack, we had a hard time when Santa Fe got us but we had a quiet ball, "Coach said.

However, gamers do not trust. He knows that the second leg will be very difficult. "We had a better game than before and we did not score.Options of them still have the ball today, there was a drawback I did not see, we defended it, There is an advantage, but Santa Fe knows how to play as a visitor, and we have to put our feet on the floor and think we are not qualified. "

Finally, Gamero said, "This team makes mistakes but does a good job, I meet a more mature team, the teams have learned to suffer, sometimes they do not know how to suffer when they attack us. We can not beat Santa Fe with his attack, they were able to draw and we could have increased. "

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