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Atlético Nacional vs América de Cali Today: Quarterfinal Rivals Analysis | Liga BetPlay Dimayor 2020 News | Colombian football | Betplay League


Atlético Nacional and América de Cali will undoubtedly be the most attractive keys to the 2020 BetPlay League quarterfinals. Both teams arrive with a lot of doubt. Appoint a real estate engineer. Scarlet unconvincing at the trial of Juan Cruz Real.

The positive and negative aspects of each team. This is how we see them in this awesome quarterfinals.

National sports


-Attack: Nacional scored 39 goals as a team that scored a lot of goals in the’Compete All’ phase, and scored the highest score in the Championship. Jefferson Duque is the team’s catcher, scoring 7 goals between Andrés Andrade. Also, at the last minute, purslane is the sharpest with the opposite network.

-Great visitors: In addition to Atanasio, Nacional has 6 wins, 1 draws and 3 losses. Score 21 goals and get 18 points. Same score as Deportes Tolima: 2nd in the league with 19 points.

-Youth with permission: Players such as Yerson Mosquera and Brayan Córdoba have lent their hands to joining the starting team during the tough moments of the championship when the team’s defensive injuries surged. Little by little more players will join in from the good quarries the Nacional has.


-Defense: The biggest impact on Nacional is compensation. Although offensive power is excellent, his defense was one of the championship’s biggest goals. In addition to the injuries and level issues for some players, it was a headache for Juan Carlos Osorio to lose his coaching position. If this weakness is not corrected, removal is imminent.

-Slight reaction during the first few minutes of play: In many games, Nacional started under the scoreboard and some were able to return, but lost a lot of points due to the reaction. They had a hard time adjusting to the rhythm of the game.

-Ball still: Another annoyance of defense failures was the set pieces. Even many goals were scored as a result of the throw-in. Defects in return keys are unforgivable.


Andrés Andrade:’Rifle’ is the best player on the team, putting his soul and heart into his way of playing with his talent. Nacional’s ’10’ shirt didn’t weigh him down, and Andrade, who played 23 of the 23 games the team played in the league and the South American Cup, meant an important point in this campaign with 8 goals and 10 assists. These 31 Vallecaucano flyers are the’aces’ on the sleeves of purslane.

Statistical figures

Ranked 3rd in the’Competitive All’ stage, he was in League I-2007, League I-2011; Second place: League I-2002, League I-2004; The remaining four excluded League II-2008 from home runs, League II-2014 from home runs, and League II-2017 from quarterfinals.


Alejandro Restrepo is the interim coach who helped reengineer and qualify this’boat’. However, Alexandre Guimarães will be the coach of the team starting the challenge of’playoffs’. Costa Rica, nationalizing Brazil, is the last league champion coach after leading America de Cali to his star 14. If he wins Nacional, he will be the coach with the fewest matches to win the league than by name like Lewis. Fernando Suárez, who took over the team after the departure of Argentine Reinaldo’Mostaza’ Merlo in 1999 and Paraguayan César López Fretes, who replaced Vladimir Popovic in 1973.

Cali America


-Starting goalkeeper in good shape: Goalkeeper Joel Graterol was guaranteed in Scarlet Bow for good reflexes and agility to handle the maximum penalty.

-Player experience: Having men like Juan Pablo Segovia, Marlon Torres, Luis Alejandro Paz, Rafael Karascal, Carlos Sierra, Duvan Bergara and Adrian Ramos should be an important factor in a team with title claims.


-Unstable Defense: I have seen several instances of the rear sector sway when facing fast and skilled players.

-Soccer recession: Unlike other seasons, the decisive part of the 2020 League is predictable in offense without game variations and takes on a weaker level of scarlet cast based on individual performances.

-Several tactical variables: Millionaires and equity have exposed tremendous problems that the United States has to overcome the consequences. Even in his own arena, he did not live up to the proposals of the two capital teams.


Duván Vergara: He represents the team and is the most requested player abroad. The change in speed has always been one of the praised features. Unfortunately his level has also dropped recently.

Statistical figures

58.3% is Scarlet Coach’s loot. Juan Cruz Real in the United States is in 12 matches. He added 12 out of 18 points at home and 9 out of 18 points off the pitch (including 0-3 against Cúcuta at the desk). At home: 2-1 to Bucaramanga, 3-1 to Águilas Doradas, 3-0 to Patriotas, 3-2 to Pasto, 0-2 to Millonarios, 1-2 to Equidad. As a visitor, he fell 1-0 with Tolima, lost 1-1 with Envigado, 1-1 with Junior, 2-2 with Nacional, 0-1 with Pereira and 0-3 with Cúcuta (at the desk).


When Tulio Gómez decided not to impart continuity to Alexandre Guimarães’ process, the name of Juan Cruz Real never received favorable reviews from fans of América de Cali. Losing in the 2020 Super League, dropping out of Copa Libertadores in Phase 1 and falling apart without participating in the South American Cup, his current football productions and recent bad results have led his fans to network with #FueraCruzReal.

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