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Duke and Uribe, a complex relationship but dependent



President Uri Brie reaped strength after eight years of drought, and is now one of his disciples, not his head, but through his current president.

To the right of the president Ivan Duque The former president sat down. Alvaro Uribe More than 200 Democratic regional leaders attended last Wednesday at Casa de Nariño. Every visitor's interest was the same, but we extended VAT to a family basket.

President Uribe, leader of the party that served as Duque 's platform, wanted the president to calm down and calm the spirit of the financial legislation. Fear and fear of being punished at polling stations for elections for mayors and local governments next year.

The Duke presidency, like the unions and other political parties, took into account the benefits of the initiative and explained to them about the dialogue they had opened to seek consensus against their objections.

Implicit messages were overwhelming. That is to say, Uribe is the main guarantor of the government, and therefore the power and influence have increased, despite the fact that the Uribe is not the Udinese but the Democratic Party is the only party loyal to the President.

It was not a political decline.

The politician calculated that our Prime Minister Blair would submit a presidential election to Duke on August 7, but he thought he had enough votes, but the Senate's presidency would be taken over by other candidates.

After several leakages, at the end of July this year, the Supreme Court ordered the witness to start investigating the former president on charges of manipulation. Given this fact, he announced his resignation, but eventually decided to continue.

In this context, on the day when the new president was inaugurated, Uribe was most praised in Bolivar for his recognition as the chairman of the Senate. Ernesto Machia, President Duque in his speech.

When viewed as his political decline, his character became stronger in political situations and has never been lost despite the worst moments in the polls. According to Gallup in August of this year, Uribe recorded 42% advantage and 51% disadvantage.

It allowed the state and the government to study the possibility of a minimum wage as much as possible in an extraordinary way only once. It gave a talk with a project that prohibits children's offenses from being considered crimes related to politicians. He was ahead of the president in a project to abolish the guarantee law. He set up another one that provided more teeth to exercise alertness with the Supersalud.

He also appeared in one of the most important political events of the first boom of the government: opposition leaders, two main contradictors, Gustavo Petro Electronic Ivan CehedaFor the first time, he spoke with the Farc party members.

The purpose of this mini summit was to socialize the proposal to create an alternative space for military trials in the JEP. Although he did not achieve the objective, he endorsed the approval of a new magistrate from another mediator (not a leftist or a defender). Human rights, but close to military doctrine), and in his view, this body should be given a more equitable attitude.

Last Tuesday, the agenda was moved by submitting a new project that gave half the premiums to workers with a minimum wage of less than three. The 2002 minimum wage increase rate is 8.4 percent, similar to what was done in 2002 as a president with reduced surcharges for night and Sunday hours in 2002. It was also for one time, but the meaning of this labor reform is vice versa.

However, the former presidential power was the largest expression to formulate a disagreement over the VAT proposal when it met with the Antioquia bench in the Antocquia Center in Medellin last week. He asked Minhacienda to review other alternatives.

In the same sense, despite the fact that other trade unions and parties have already declared themselves without receiving any response from the government, President Karasquila met with the former president, and then President Duke held a meeting to open up possible dialogue. agreement

After meeting with Carrasquilla, not Treasury Secretary Uribe, the press went out to defend the interests of the funding project and to remember the deficit the Duque received for the country. In addition, Prime Minister Blair informed the Director of the Treasury Department that he would seek different options from the parties to correct this reform.

In the end, he provided the scoop on the abstinence plan the government is preparing through instructions, and this Friday was signed by President Man. This measure is expected to reduce the cost of 9 pesos to senior executives in the next four years.

A wise man of tribe

Even the most important Uribism emphasizes the discipline of the democratic center. The bench is time-honored and always works as a block. But this is not due to natural causes, but by respect for the leader.

There is no Dirk Senator on the right side of his seat, Paola Holin, They will also be promoted to other dignities. And since everyone is waiting for his blessing to become a prospective candidate, he is the one who proposed the name of the mayor's office in Bogota. The same goes for other capital cities and departments.

His presence was not noticed in the workshop architecture country (almost everywhere) that Duke performs every Saturday. He arrives in front of the president, but with a selfish session makes him a similar group.

President Bush said Blair has ordered the nation to build through popular dialogue, one of the pillars of a democratic center. They have their own style, but they are the venture of the Uribe Security Council.

The local authorities of the region greet him in his intervention but he also directed the orchestra at the beginning of the activity, Karen AbudinenLocal presidential advisor, and Duke.

For example, two months ago, the former president intervened twice in Amagá's workshop. One as exmandatario, the other as senator. He simply welcomed attendees, recalled anecdotes, and encouraged the government.

During this meeting, Urive crosses the ministers with data or interests. They carefully record your questions or suggestions.

A month ago I visited Antioquia President again and joined the Montebello municipal coliseum where XXX meeting of the Anttequia Southwestern Leadership Conference was held.

In the former government, we avoided avoiding the president. Juan Manuel Santos In this local space. If the person was in the daytime, the others arrived in the afternoon. This time the former president accompanied Duke to the main table again with his right hand.

Does a co-government exist?

Do not miss the fact that many people voted for Duque despite criticism from other people that Uribe would be a real strength.

According to Juan Carlos Arena, Professor of Political Research Institute of Antioquia, the state has premiered the "singular" form of the balance of "power" in favor of the Parliament of Congress, the loss of presidential decision power. republic

listen John Fernando RestrepoDuque, the dean of the humanities department in Medellín, became president due to his support for Uribe. "Without him, where is he?" He asks him not to emphasize that he asks the wrecked man to give up his vest.

He showed Uribe's willingness to maintain consultations with the JEP and Farc, and this is a sign that a real decision is not taken at the palace, but the wink of Uribe is important. .

Given this panorama Andrews Number, Professor of Constitutional Affairs of U. Pontificia Bolivariana, said that since 2014, despite the outstanding achievements of Senator Duque, his journey and experience would not have been enough to develop and succeed in his campaign independently.

His government, therefore, is rich in technical content and needs political support from Congress, his party, and, of course, leader Uribe.

Could there be a break?
When the President was elected, like any other president, Duke was not the head of the party. For this reason, in the case of a hypothetical break with the former president, unlike the divorce between Uribe and Santos, the House of Representatives is not La U with Santos.

And unlike Santos who built a solid majority as a spokesman in the Cabinet, the Duque does not have a large majority, and politics does not structure his cabinet, so the fight against CD will be politically insignificant.

It is clear that depending on the stadium, the head of state is dependent on himself without controlling his party. It is very unlikely that the president will take a stand on the CD's position on sensitive issues in the country. Former President

In addition to this, Miguel SilvaThe problem that U. Nacional's political scientist, Duque, is not the head of his party is that it makes it difficult for him to take his initiative on agendas such as the reform of justice, and that is why the CD acts like the other party. Your independence

Therefore, there was a difference between VAT and anti-corruption consultation and some promises, but the honeymoon between Uribe and Duke seems to have no validity at present. It is a definite symbiosis.

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