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From the executioner to the driver: Jorge Almirón, from San Lorenzo,


Jorge Almirón moved to Bajo Flores and started a new career with San Lorenzo. Source: FotoBAIRES

A masterpiece was born at Monumental on May 29, 2016. It was a stunning result of a short tournament held in two regions that began on February 5th. The winners of each nation have faced each other in the finals and remain in the historical archive for the beauty of the champion.

It was already a training that combines technology and strategy, but it was a feast of soccer and meeting in a decisive meeting.

San Lorenzo
Giant, with more squads, more fans and better sheepskin and history. Junior Benítez, Miguel Almirón – Maradonian jewelers José Sand and Lautaro Acosta have changed the goal of a set of gannets led by Jorge Almirón and found in his best version of Fortaleza Stimulus. The most intimate feeling of Independiente-club's stunning stages was not to jump on the adventure towards Mexico, the home of the heart, defense and justice, and the successful and exciting project of Godoy Cruz.

"It was historic, it's not easy to score your goal in the final," said a black commander after a dramatic afternoon to announce the end of football coach Pablo Guede. Saudi Arabia

On September 21, 2017, tension developed in the South. Copa Libertadores It was an amazing result of the quarterfinal match. San Lorenzo won 2-0 in his first game. He showed Barca's strength and garnet indifference. That night, however, Lanos won 2-0 with Jose Sands and Nicholas Pasquiini, won the penalty kick by four to three, and was recently named the most controversial semi-final river in history.

"I told the players calmly that Andrada was going to make two penalties," he joked for a few hours later. Goalkeeper Esteban Andrada is part of the Boca team, which has blocked Martías Caruzzo and Nicolás Blandi from shots and is now severely injured. The spectacular night ended with Uruguay coach Diego Aguirre leading Sao Paulo from Brazil.

Former Lanús technician working in a new gas meter
Former Lanús technician working in a new gas meter Source: FotoBAIRES

Matías Lammens, chairman of San Lorenzo, always wanted it. He could go to Boca and he could go to the national team. Almiron, who finished the season at Atlético Nacional, chose San Lorenzo. The executives who have been hit twice in recent history have crossed the path. If he makes him painful, he should now enjoy them. Once things got to work with Carlos Bianchi and Boca, he went from Apertura in 1995, won by Vélez del Virrey, before winning everything.

"I was surprised when Macri named me to the national team, but the only serious interest came from San Lorenzo," said a fan on the floor on the floor leaning back to 4-3-3 a few days ago. He likes to play and the archer learns to kick.

Laucha Acosta, Mono Monetti and many other examples: Some recent interpreters now want to meet again at San Lorenzo. The giant Giants will have a special meeting with Velez, opening the great gate of Argentine football. That kind of challenge that does not stay on one side. Jorge Almirón – Diego Maradona's Dorados team is very well aware of someone who started boots and started the adventure with DT.

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