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Girl body Soledad (Atlántico) – Barranquilla – Colombia


Authorities and aid organizations are still looking for Madeleine Ramos, the mother of the child.


A place where a five-year-old girl's lifeless body was found.

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Baran Kuay

November 6, 2018, 06:20 p.m.

After a violent search effort that started early this Tuesday morning, a lifeless body of a girl dragged with Madeleine Ramos Garcia was found. El Salao stream in the municipality of Soledad (Atlántico).

Minors appeared near the municipal market at the peak of the field on October 12. A few hours ago, a 35 – year – old woman 's belongings and a young daughter were found.

Briefcases, wet handkerchiefs and medicines were found 1 km from the Pumarejo bridge near the dock of Barranquilla waterway.

When her mother and daughter were inside the Chevrolet Spark vehicle and faced a two meter high wave warning of the intensity of the El Salao rivers, After the heavy rain in the local government.

In the car, too, the husband and father of the victim, Marlon Sandoval, was expelled by one of the glasses.

Baran Kuay

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