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6:50 PM Yesterday afternoon, in a brief statement posted on the social network, Millonarios announced the end of the Miguel Ángel Russo era. Argentina could not reconfirm every talent he had achieved in 2017 in 2018. Milos, who removed everything, will play a classic game against Santa Fe on Sunday, I say goodbye to the coach who schedules and gives the last two titles, the 15th star and Superliga.

Rousseau, who had 37-29 losses in 45 games after the 111 games, said he "agrees" with Millonarios. From the five showdowns, it was his way through the Bogota team.

A complex start

Argentine Diego Cocca, whose predecessor, Argentine Diego Cocca released Russo from the beginning, had to face Atlético Paranaense in the second stage of Copa Libertadores. He could not overcome it: he defeated Brazil 1-0 and beat Bogota with the same score and won by penalty, but lost. In the league he reached the semi-finals and Dayro Moreno's goal came in the 90th minute on the second leg. Despite this, however, Russo began to have a good atmosphere for his fans.

Title: Breakpoint

The second semester of 2017 has started badly. Junior seemed to fail the team until 12th in the league with Coppa Colombia eliminating him. On that day, he lost 3-2 against Nashion and was given a breakpoint in the campaign. Millionaires did not lose again in the rest of the semester.
It started to grow, reached the final, and no one but Santa Fe could win. In the 85th minute, Henry Rojas set a goal for the second match of the final 2-2. They won 1-0 in the first game. At that time, he commented only on the closest place that Rousseau executives had cancer.


2018 began with news that Rousseau was operated in Argentina, which is estimated to be a bladder problem. But in fact, Argentina suffered from prostate cancer. This topic came out almost a month later when Rousseau came back to Colombia and was published. His assistant, Hugo Gottardi, was in charge of the pre-season and supervised the Superliga's final, which enthusiastically led him to the Nacional, but he overcame the Copa Libertadores group stage Or has already affected the team's performance in the first half of the final, with Russo already in the final.

Suramericana, failure

The millionaire left a big goal in the second semester. He was fortified with Christian Marrugo, Gabriel Hauche and Óscar Barreto, and in the first semester retained the heading base joined by Wuílker Faríñez and Roberto Ovelar. Besides fighting for the league, the goal was to try to get out of the South American Cup. He could not do it: After leaving Diaz from Paraguay, he met Santa Fe in round 16. 0-0 (unbearable strong) and another intense attack (penalty kick). It was a few major blows to come.

League cups

There is no chance of winning the international tournament already, but Millos has betted on the local tournament. But his publicity in Bogota was terrible. And in the cup, once Caldas took him in the semi-finals. The last option he left was burned on Saturday in Nevada, losing 1-0 to Atlético Hula. Rousseau continued: "It is not a good semester for us, and we have to think about everything we need for next year."


This Monday, 3p. m. Gustavo Serpa, the largest shareholder of Millonarios; Enrique Camacho, President and Russo. They reached an agreement: It was the end of the cycle that started well but could not be reconfirmed in 2018 to forget.

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