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He paid a trip to Paris with his new girlfriend stealing data from his card until his | Diary Made in Japan


Service at home to increase the amount of flowers, parking fees, taxes, premium TV channel subscriptions and Instagram's "favorite items". All costs found on the card Angel Exford, a former victim of his ex-boyfriend, Michael Fehsfeld, starring in the UK.

This man also paid his "rest" to Paris using his previous data. His most serious mistake was for the purchase. He was arrested on October 5th with a new girlfriend at Gatwick Airport in London.

By the end of the year, Exford and Fehsenfeld had a simple relationship for months. They broke up after leaving with a close friend. that day, The man claimed he had lost his wallet. His girlfriend lent him a card to pay for the place, food and drink.

"It was the last moment he saw himself." She wrote on her Twitter account. The man 's story was published to warn other possible victims of deception, and has already been shared about 12,000 times.

Someday after the appointment, Fehsenfeld planned to go to the spa with other women on the social network and blocked his entire body. A month later, we found a strange expense in your Exford account.. She found the card with a card at 1200 pounds (about $ 1,500). In this summary, I found many gifts for his ex-girlfriend, and most of all, his trip to Paris, the booking flight and the passenger name Michael Fehsenfeld and his current girlfriend.

With this evidence Exford accused his ex-boyfriend and resented the man who used her. "I have no immediate family in the UK, and I have people who rely on themselves 100% and financially support South Africa," he said. He also had fun with one of his previous purchases: "My hard work is worthy of getting what I like & # 39;

Fehsenfeld He was sentenced to 26 weeks in prison and 150 hours in community. He must also reward his ex-partner.

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