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Innovation: Samsung's strategy as a household connected to Colombia


Smartphones are no longer the intelligence we can dispose of, and over time intelligence has begun to reach other elements of the environment. In this way, the Internet of Things (IoT) began to take people's homes. This has led to intelligent elements that can be controlled by refrigerators, lights, blinds, and voice or smartphones.

Recently, we had the opportunity to talk to Eduardo Conejo, the Innovation Manager of Samsung Latin America. Rabbit is responsible for the Samsung Ocean Center project and other open innovation projects. His office is in Sao Paulo (Brazil), and in Colombia he had the opportunity to talk about the company's vision.

We are living in a connected world.

According to Rabbit, the world we saw on TV shows such as Los Supersónicos is already alive. It is now possible to control the house using a small screen or voice. You can also do this remotely. It was impossible many years ago.

Democratization of technology

Companies like Samsung have contributed to the democratization of technology. First, the company has mobile devices of all price ranges to ensure this. But a few years ago, we democratized technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR) that cost users very far.

For Conejo, the most important thing is the impact these technologies have on people. For example, a year ago in Brazil, virtual reality has made it known as a hospital that can improve the experience of infant immunization. You can see this example in more detail in the next video.

But we asked the rabbit about the democratization of IoT. This is because many products available today have limited prices. In this case, Rabbit says the company has a goal to have smart elements in every product in 2020. Ninety percent of the current portfolio has this capability. This is expected to provide a smart and IoT solution for every pocket.

Developer: Samsung Electronics' IoT Development Key Points

Samsung provides an integrated SmartThings platform with more brands and developers. It is thought to popularize the Internet of things through this. The company is the foundation of OCF (Open Connectivity). Therefore, a common protocol for this industry is being established. According to Rabbit, there are currently about 200 devices compatible with this platform.

Colombia Samsung IoT Showroom

One of the Internet of Samsung Electronics

Finally, Samsung recently introduced One Samsung, a newly connected home exhibition space. According to the company, these are the first in Latin America. It is located in the Éxito Calle 80 store in Bogotá and the Tecnoéxito store in the Viva Envigado shopping center in Antioquia.

In these spaces you can see branded products with audio and video, white lines and mobile devices. They are willing to show how they are working in connected households.

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