Thursday , March 30 2023

Instagram: I found an intimate photo of my boyfriend with another woman and posted it on social networks. | World


The Instagram of the company was sunk. Intimate photos Then, on her 28th birthday, her lover, her boyfriend, Rachel Dale found a picture of having sex with another woman with her boyfriend's cell phone. Then he made a radical decision.

Female England He picked up his cell phone and posted a picture of his ex-boyfriend on Instagram of a company with millions of followers. After that, he warned that the image would be on the Internet. He brought them without any sort of filter, revealing the identity of the two people who were in it. Snapshot.

This practice, climbing Pictures Other websites that have photos of Instagrams or former partners that have been compromised are known as & # 39; Porno Barrages & # 39 ;. Rachel Dale Pictures I waited 8 minutes and then removed it. That time was enough for the photos to be replicated on other UK Instagram accounts, other social networks, forums, and adult content pages. He also shared again the following afternoon.

When she saw the image of another woman spreading sex over the network, she took her life. She was transferred to the British Emergency Medical Center. According to a prosecutor who investigated the case, the victim suffered psychological violence.

Rachel Dale's boyfriend was convinced that she was a partner years ago Pictures With intimate memory. The Greater Manchester Court had a crime in the UK. The punishment is a one year prison and is just over $ 250.

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