Sunday , January 29 2023

La Casa de Papel is the best series in the Fenix ​​2018 Awards. Netflix | Mexico | Spain | Lewis Miguel series | Cine series


The popular series "The Paper House", which brings joy to fans around the world, received the fifth edition "The best series" award. Ibero – American Film Awards Phoenix, Tonight at the Esperanza Iris City Theater. Mexico.

In this difficult category, the series "Luis Miguel, Series"," Narcos, "Felix", "Here on earth"A house of paper", Everything about success at Netflix.

The award-winning winner, Álex Pina's chief producer, did not assimilate everything that successfully completed his work to win a prize,A house of paper"

"The above is really interesting.restraint"It suggests an emotional and new look for the American genre, it's Latin, Mediterranean and Ibero-American style," said Pina of the Esperanza Iris City Theater.

That Phoenix PrizeAs they are known, they strive to show films made in Latin America, Spain and Portugal internationally. They are organized by the Cinema23 association.

The fifth edition (2018 edition) was awarded under the motto "above the prize money", focusing on the spirit of collaboration with the winners recently.

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