Thursday , March 30 2023

Look at the huge black hole in the center of the galaxy.


A persuasive watershed

Mesut Felat Özsoy

The European Southern Observatory confirmed last week that scientists have long suspected it. Sagittarius A *, an astronomical radio source located in the center of our galaxy, is in fact a huge black hole.

To confirm this, scientists had to observe objects traveling near Sagittarius A *. When a star called S2 orbits at the center of Sagittarius A *, scientists at some European institutions have observed three flashes of light with a speed of 30%.

Now the European Southern Observatory has announced a recreation for this case.

Here's what you can do about your videos on YouTube:

This video looks at the Milky Way extensively and then displays the simulation visualization data for the orbital motion of the gas rotating at a rate of 30% of the speed of light in a circular orbit around a massive black hole.

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