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Mountain road suspected of murder of student living in Santander | justice


"I had already expected this situation in the room, but he said there will be no lessons this week and there will be a long term assignment."

This is part of the shocking story of a student from San Gil's La Presentación Our Lady's School. San Gil witnessed a 14 – year – old boy murdering one of his classmates and injuring another.

The crime triggered the border between the local authorities and the departmental authorities and was recorded in the institution's bathroom at 10:40 am yesterday morning.

Witnesses reported that 8-2 students arrived and intercepted two 15-year-old classmates who were ready to participate in the play.

In the facts investigated by the police, the defendants stripped off their knives and began attacking them repeatedly.

"We had nine plays and nine plays, and he arrived and stabbed the child (accused) near the heart, which was dead, and the other one was very hurt," the witness added.


When an invasion occurs, the situation is reported to the teacher and supervisor of the school. One of the wounded was put on the stretcher and was immediately discharged from the training center, and the other person was discharged.

The San Gil Fire Department arrived at the scene and one of the students moved the students to the local hospital area where they were hospitalized without any signs of life. He had deep, innate wounds in a compromised mind.

Eliza Aviles, emergency care director at the Medical Center, said, "The other patient had three wounds: one in which they were located in the entire chest, penetrating into some important organs, the other in the posterior region, and the other in the left crotch We define the last time we have infiltrated. "

Yesterday afternoon, I had a teenage operation. At the end of this edition, his health condition was evolving favorably.

Understanding and moving

Several police patrols arrived at the school and arrested the man who was hiding in one of the bathrooms.

A few minutes later, Sijín's Criminalistics Laboratory mobile unit tested the crime scene and removed the body from the health center.

On the motive for the crime, Colonel Rigoberto Acevedo Mora, an officer of the Santander Police, explained that it is now subject to investigation.

"It reflects the narrowness we live in, and there is not enough mechanism to resolve this type of conflict that may occur among young people," said the uniformed police officer.

Several parents and students reported that they had already warned school officials about the anomalous behavior presented by the detainee.

Children under the age of 14 are announced today in front of juvenile justice. You must answer for a severe murder.

Security Council

A special security meeting was held at around 2 pm yesterday, attended by high-level police, Icbf, municipal and local authorities.

In the end, San Gil Mayor Ariel Fernando Rojas will hold a school council meeting with major schools in several municipal schools to raise support for institutions in this case on Tuesday. He said. Please present it to each school.

"The attacker is at the disposal of the jurisdiction for judicial review, and after some assessments the decision about the future of the minor will be made," he added.

On the other hand, the La Presentation School for the Lady of the Mothers has stated that it will be willing to meet all the requirements of the competent authorities to clarify the event.

"We reject this act of violence and regret the sadness in our educational community, we feel this duel as our children, and we are a wonderful student who is welcomed with love and caring," said Gloria Aria Mendoza, Sister Gloria Arias Mendoza said.

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