Sunday , November 28 2021

Osorio’s advice on bad results for Gamero


Millonarios finished out of eight matches after recovering football from their last match. The victory over Atletico Nacional on the 17th gave the team confidence and began to develop.. By the end of the meeting, Juan Carlos Osorio pointed out that the Blues were the best players on the FPC thanks to Alberto Gamero.

Conversation with the program Win sports + first touch, Coach Millonarios has confirmed that Atlético Nacional’s former coach is one of the few who has called him. You can continue his style of play. “He talked a lot with him and when the team didn’t start he was one of the three important people in Colombian football. They called me to keep working without lowering my arms. He said to me,’Don’t change your ideas or your model because there’s something very good.’

Millionaire Shield / Flag

Gamero was self-critical and, as many have said recently, accepted that the team wasn’t the best in Colombia. “I know we’re not the best-playing team, but we did the start and the players understood what Millonarios was. And how to play at home and outside. I think I played cool modern football like the inner back, the wide and deep ends, and how to fold.

After being eliminated, Millonarios thinks about the BetPlay Cup and the league. Gamero hopes that the team can continue to improve their performance and celebrate their international tournament qualifications.L. DT starts with 4-2-2-2 and continues with the same game system, which is 4-4-2 without the ball.

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