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Rapper Mac Miller dies from accidental overdose – Music & Books – Culture


On September 7, the US founder, Mapper Miller, who died at the age of 26, accidentally died of excessive drinking and drug use, a Los Angeles county coroner confirmed on Monday.

An autopsy found in the musician 's body left cocaine, alcohol, and opium – based fentanyl that backs up the first information that caused him to overdose after Miller' s death.

According to a statement released today by forensic scientist Malcolm McCormick (his real name) lost consciousness on September 7 at his home in Studio City, a town in the San Fernando Valley, northern Los Angeles. Emergency services came to the scene, but I could not get a wrapper that died at 11.51 local time.

Miller unveiled his last album, "Swim," which suffered from drug-related problems with his drug-related problems with pop star Arina Grande in March.

Born in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania, USA) on January 19, 1992, Miller was notable for its industry and hip-hop fans in 2010 as "KIDS: Kickin" Incredibly Dope Shit.

The first album came out on the market a year later titled "Blue Slide Park." This album reached its first position on the Billboard 200 list, which determines the discs sold more each week in the US. In 2014, he published a book called "Faces".

He also appeared on the MTV network on the reality show "Mac.
Miller and most drug family. "

He was Ariana Grande's boyfriend for about two years, but their relationship ended in May. That month he was arrested for his vehicle and was drunk and crashed on the drive.

The rap in the United States suffered from premature death, particularly violent history, with the disappearance of XXX Temptation and Jimmy Wopo in 2018.


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