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The finance minister supports the proposal to impose taxes on family baskets. Universal


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Despite unpopular measures, the proposal to apply VAT on most of the products in the family basket to increase public revenue is not limited to Treasury Secretary Alberto Carrasquilla, who has already led this economic portfolio. In June 2003 and February 2007, former President Alvaro Uribe of the Velez administration

In fact, before his arrival, the Treasurer of Roberto Junguito Bonnet (August 2002 – May 2003), the Democratic chairman of the Financial Center, also sought to promote similar luckless initiatives. He was planning to impose a 2% VAT rate on the basket assets, which was later declared unconstitutional in the court.

"All the finance ministers have tried to do what Carrasquilla does to expand the VAT-targeted product (…) At that time, no precautions have been taken to plan for less protection of people. "I confessed to the medium term in an interview with ELTEMPO.

However, the idea of ​​imposing VAT on more than 80% of the products in the basket, including those currently exempted or excluded, such as eggs, milk, meat, rice or fruit, is due to the fact that other former ministers are César Gaviria (1990-1994), Ernesto Samper (1994-1998), Uribe (2002-2010), and Juan Manuel Santos (2010-2018) government financial portfolio.

This is the case of Rudolf Hommes (August 1990 – July 1994) or Guillermo Perry (August 1994 – June 1996), which supports the idea of ​​applying VAT on most products in the basket, I raised a strange objection to the proposed proposal.

On the one hand, Hommes has a very strong social impact, but taxing the basket is technically a matter of necessity. But he was convinced that it would only be appropriate if an efficient mechanism for VAT compensation for the most disadvantaged could be established, which was not achieved last time.

"People do not think they can be returned, but the way they can do it will be invented as a bank card that already works as a savings. How long will it take to implement this technology because the problem has taken years to integrate Transmilenio cards You can see that. "

He said Petri had to pay more for the basket. But he said that it would not be logical to be so rational and it is not convenient to lower the regular VAT rate from 19% in 2019 to 17% in 2020 for taxable products. Come this way

"This idea came a long way, and the VAT exemption applies only to the upper middle class, so today you have to set an intermediate exchange rate (eg 12%) for products that do not pay VAT, but I think Carrasquilla has a 18% I have never imagined that it would hurt, "he said," and the commodity that already has a 19% value added tax (VAT) should keep it, "he said.

On the contrary, former Treasury Secretary Juan Camilo Restrepo has convinced several presses that he has not seen the future at an 18% VAT rate.This legislation does not believe Congress has no green light on the bill, Leaving the middle-class struggle.

On that part, Secretary Mauricio Cárdenas (September 3, 2012 – August 7, 2018) was the most cautious when the government decided on a funding bill. He will raise $ 14 billion missing from his 2019 budget. LR's former representative of the portfolio said he would wait for a decision. "Have hope because you know they will make some adjustments," he said.

The government will defend the plan.
Dian boss José Andrés Romero said yesterday that the Democratic Party has expressed opposition to several political parties, including the Government Coalition, who are taxing 80 percent of the family basket. They will continue to work on funding measure A.

And about 80% of the products in your basket are the majority of your projects, and you can collect about $ 11.3 billion in 2019 alone. Recall that today only 53% of products are taxable at a general rate of 19%.

"The government has plan A, we will continue with this proposal, but we must be willing to listen to other alternatives in Congress, and we think that we need $ 14 billion for any alternative," Romero said. Said at the media meeting.

Likewise, Dian advocated that the proposal was about tax equality, which would help to formalize the economy and alleviate tax evasion. "We are faced with a victory proposal, which is the most equitable way to gather the resources the country needs," he said.

National savings
President Ivan Duque announced that after obtaining the government's first 90-day stock, it will issue an emergency response to all executive agencies today and announce the executive's detailed plan for the matter.

He also said that with the Treasury Department and the Department of National Planning (DNP), the company will achieve savings of $ 60 to $ 70 billion over the next three years and plans to save $ 1.2 trillion next year.

"We will work because we need more transparent policies on transparency and efficiency of the administration, the issue of parallel enrollment, the administration's travel expenses, fees and security plans," he said.

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