Monday , January 30 2023

They investigate birthday celebrations with gunpowder and a marriage for the housewife of Medellín's terrace. The owner of the terrace celebrated her birthday with Mariachi and gunpowder. | area


That A controversial celebration was recorded on the video. Circulating Social network. Obviously, together Mariachi, gunpowder And bomb, Near the prison Pedregal, Friends and Relatives of William Andrés Moscoso Monsalve, Aka " Cibo"or" monkey"They celebrated their birthday.

this person is Leader of Flight Regiment La Terraza I was sentenced to one year in prison. The Antioch capital.

Information of the judicial control agency itself They warn of this celebration that happened between November 9th and 10th., November 9, 1981 Birth date of William Andrés Moscoso Monsalve.

On videos that go through social networks The high point of the mountain what Prisons, flyers, bombs and people sing around Mariachi. Guide the sound and chorus to the anchor point of the offender.

While, The authorities did not confirm that the celebration was the leader of La Terraza.But they warned that they would investigate. Sale, combustion, distribution and sale of gunpowder to Medelin.

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