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The US closes nearly 3,000 fewer visas for Cuban immigrants in fiscal year 2018


The United States granted permission for the fiscal year 2018, which closed nearly 3,000 smaller visas to Cuban immigrants on 30 September than in the previous year. This is reflected in the US State Department's monthly statistics on issuing visas.

By the end of June, 3,808 visas were issued to Cubans in Colombia for the first time and 2 June in Guyana. In July, only 526 were given and in August received 1130 visas. Finally, September 1040 ended with a visa.

Total released this year 6,504 visas immigrants from Cuba, facing the 9453 for the financial year 2017 (until October 2016 and until September 2017).

Data on the transfer of immigrant visas to Cubans. 2018 financial year

1.- October 2017: 16

2.- November 2017: 196

3.- December 2017: 22

4.- January 2018: 883

5.- February 2018: 1,055

6.- March 2018: 779

7.- April 2018: 105

8.- May 2018: 51

9.- June 2018: 701

10.- July 2018: 526

11.- August 2018 1130

12.-September 18 1040

TOTAL: 6.504

Parole Family Alliance Program

Following the suspension of immigration procedures on the island by the US Embassy in Havana on September 29, 2017, the Attorney General blamed the fact that Havana could not guarantee the security of US diplomats in the country due to acoustic attacks by 26 US diplomats. To this day the causes are unknown or behind them.

Since then, the reunification program of the Parole family is paralyzed and hundreds of Cuban families live until it reappears. Some people worry that their older loved ones die in the United States or they pray that a girl who does not know her father is cancerous arrives in the United States in time to say good-bye to her.

The interruption of Parole fell short of depressing dozens of Cuban mothers who did not let themselves be divorced from their children.

Those who are in Cuba and are awaiting the Parole visa are still hoping to emigrate to revive their family. They are in the hands of the US State Secretariat.

statements CiberCuba, USCIS Havana says they are "looking for a place" to return to the Paroles concession, but the measure will not be taken immediately.

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