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Both the opponents and supporters of the Istanbul Convention clashed in the House of Representatives.


Petr Piťha, Photos: Website archives istanbulskaumluva.czPetr Piťha, Photos: Website archives
Many people may not know about convention. But my feelings were shaken.
The preaching of Petra Pita, the Catholic priest of Vaclav. According to him, he
Adoption of this document leads to family tearing, kidnapping, and forced expulsion of detainees into detention camps. Czech women's lobby
You have filed a criminal complaint for the proliferation of warning messages. And the Istanbul Convention reached the pages of the newspaper.

The Czech people disagree with the introduction of this Convention into the Czech legislation.
According to them, it is redundant, and violence against women is fully affected.
Czech law.

"Violence affects not only male violence against women, but also violence against men.
Men, women, and violence can be exploited by children.
old man. We think that the protection of women is a bit exaggerated.
The exaggerated "
The People 's Party said.
The golfer.

Jan Kněžínek, Photo: Czech government recordsJan Kněžínek, Photo: Czech government records
The Czech legislation shall be amended in accordance with the rules of the Convention. Mostly
But the bill is already stated in the Czech legislation, the Justice Minister said.
Jan Kněžínek exercise.

"This agreement is virtually unchanged in the Czech legal order.
Most of the things that are regulated are already reflected in the Czech legal order. And to sign her
I recognized that value in the international arena. "

Until now, forced marriages were not enforced.
Penalties for violent murder and prosecution
Female circumcision.

Respondents are afraid that this convention will threaten traditional homes.

Radka Maxová, Photo: Andrea Zahradníková, ČRoRadka Maxová, Photo: Andrea Zahradníková, ČRo
According to the opponents, the Convention gives women more rights than men,
The cultural orientation of the Czech Republic has jeopardized traditional homes. There are many regulations.
He also says he can not interpret it. For example,
The Convention aims to eradicate prejudices, customs, traditions and other practices based on, among other things, assumptions about the subordination of women
It depends on the stereotype of the roles of women and men. "
The priest added that there was a lot of misinformation about the treaty.
"Nobody throws away any camps with us.
They will not happen. "
In response to the priest's sermon, ě Zenik (Kněžínek) said.

On the contrary, according to supporters,
Women are unacceptable and the Czech Republic is trying to improve the victims' help.
In countries that have already ratified the substance,
"The end did not happen". The advocacy of ratification is an example.
MEP Radka Max highlighting what happened
By signing the Convention, Czechoslovakia could be included in the Czech Republic.

Helena Válková (left front), Chairperson of the Agents' Chamber of Commerce, has received over 10,000 signatures for the Istanbul Convention. Photo: ČTK / Vít ŠimánekHelena Válková (left front), Chairperson of the Agents' Chamber of Commerce, has received over 10,000 signatures for the Istanbul Convention. Photo: ČTK / Vít Šimánek
"We were subject to criminal penalties under the Istanbul Convention.
Dangerous tracking, free phone lines,
Police training, health personnel, important legal improvements
Crime victims, of course great development is recommended.
A treatment program for people who commit violence. "

The text of the Convention includes domestic violence, sexual harassment,
Rape, forced marriage, so-called defamation or destruction
reproductive organs. She points out that women are more often victims.
Domestic and sexual violence is greater than men and mass victims
Rape of armed conflict. Violence against women
This document recognizes that it violates human rights and discrimination.

Istanbul Convention was established in 2011. Czech Republic signed
I joined in May 2016. On September 1, according to the organization
International Amnesty and the Czech women's lobby have ratified 33 states.
Signed by 12 countries including the Czech Republic.

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