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Children are better antibiotics in syrup.


There are many myths about antibiotics among Czech patients. Ignorance is either causing unnecessary fear of use or overdoing it. According to pharmacists, these are extreme approaches that can bring about unhealthy consequences for the patient's own health as well as the next generation. The Czech Pharmacy Chamber (ČLnK) has its own recognition campaign. The antibiotic week in the pharmacy this year marks the ninth European antibiotic day.

According to last year's survey results, the fifth patient mistakenly believes that antibiotics are effective against influenza, colds or viruses. Therefore, I think it is necessary to raise awareness in this field that pharmacists should be helped by themselves. Approximately 100 pharmacies across the Czech Republic have joined this year's campaign. Between 19-25 November 2018, the pharmacist reminds the patient how to use antibiotics correctly. The actual flyer containing important information on the use and storage of antibiotics is open to the public. The nearest pharmacy participating in this year's campaign can be downloaded free of charge through the Czech Pharmacy application.

Antibiotics – good species, bad masters

Antibiotics are prescription drugs designed exclusively for the treatment of bacterial infections. They are not effective against viral diseases. It is a very effective medication for many diseases, such as angina pectoris or lime borrelios, known for its proper indications and use.

"Antibiotics are prescription drugs because only physicians are aware of bacterial infections and are able to choose the most appropriate medicine. The antibiotic specialist will explain the proper use of the patient, identify potential interactions with other commonly used drugs, The fifth annual "Antibiotic Weekly Pharmacy Week" training campaign will hope that the pharmacist will contribute to the public's increased awareness of the proper use of antibiotics.Unnecessary worries about the addition and use of antibiotics can help your health It's an extreme phenomenon that can hurt. " ČLnK's chairman says. Louboumire. If antibiotics are not used properly, the overall patient's efficacy will be reduced indirectly as well as the patient's flu.

Last year, the World Health Organization (WHO) published a list of 12 bacteria resistant to antibiotics.

Antibiotic syrup is appropriate for young children.

This year's campaign's pharmacists focus primarily on children who are trying to properly administer antibiotics to their children. The best antibiotic for infants is antibiotic syrup. They are much better than traditional tablets and can be easily managed with baby weight.

Author: Archív ČLnK

Children are given antibiotic syrup.

"It is important for parents to strictly adhere to prescribed dosages and times of lactation, because they can not reduce antibiotics as a result of recurrence of infection or other complications, so they can not lower the dose even after treatment. It is also effective for generations. " He explains. Alec Krebs, ČLnK Vice Chairman.

The dose interval should be strictly observed in children and adults. If the dosing interval becomes longer, you should correct the error immediately and continue with the dosing set. You should extend your dosing interval considerably with your doctor.

Give children antibiotics properly.

  • Antibiotics act only on bacterial infections and do not have flu, cold or wound.
  • Antibiotics are just a prescription, as doctors acknowledge bacterial infections.
  • Children are provided with antibiotic syrup.
  • Consult your pharmacist for proper antibiotic syringes for your child. Depending on the pharmacist's recommendations, the effect of antibiotics affects the combination of other drugs, other foods and antibiotic syrup.
  • Store the antibiotic syrup in the refrigerator before shaking it and use it for a period of time after preparing it at the pharmacy.
  • Antibiotics should always be given to the baby for the time specified by the doctor.
  • Observe prescribed dosing intervals. Modify slightly longer dosing intervals and continue with the dosing regimen; Consider long-term administration intervals and consult your doctor.
  • Make sure your child is resting and healing during and after treatment.
  • Appropriate additions to antibiotic therapy are probiotics.


The advice of a pharmacist is worth it.

Patients may also have an adverse effect on their efficacy by misusing inadvertently prescribed medicines. In order for antibiotic treatment to be successful, you need to change your dietary control or the use of other medicines as well as your exact dosage. The patient will help a pharmacist who is an expert in medicine.

"The pharmacist will explain to the patient how to properly store and use antibiotics." ČLnK spokesman says. Mikaela Bazan Toba. Especially for children's syrup: "Nearly every antibiotic syrup has a shelf life of only a few days. They must be stored in the refrigerator and shaken before use to distribute the active substance in the fluid." We recommend.

"The recommended prescription should be followed regardless of the type of antibiotic (syrup or tablet). Proper addition of antibiotic treatment in children and adults is a probiotic that should be performed during and after antibiotic treatment, I highly recommend Michael Bažantová.

By providing antibiotics to children, it is effective not only for today but also for future children.

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