Saturday , June 3 2023

Erdogan is clear: Chaseki's murder comes from the highest place


"… we know that the order to kill Chasukji comes from the highest places in the government of Saudi Arabia," Erdogan said. "Some people believe that this" problem "disappears over time, but we continue to ask questions that are important in Turkey's investigations and in the Chasuki family and loved ones," wrote the Turkish President.

"In the month after the killing we still do not know where the body is, at least deserve the proper burial in the Islamic tradition, and we owe to our family and friends, including the former staff of Posta … We shared the evidence with our friends and allies, including United States to ensure that the world continues to ask questions – said the Turkish President.

At the same time, Erdogan stressed that Turkey and Saudi Arabia were in good spirits and "for a moment" did not realize that King Salman had ordered the murder. "I have no reason to believe that the murder reflects the official Saudi Arabian policy," he continued.

"Nevertheless, I must stress that our friendship with Riyadh, which is in the depths of the past, does not mean that we are in the eye of the planned murder, if this horror occurred in the United States or elsewhere, they are investigating until they know what has happened. it is impossible that we (Turkey) behave differently, "Erdogan said.

Chasukji, a journalist who had lived in the US since last summer and criticized Saudi Arabia's leadership, including Muhammad bin Salman Crown Prince, was killed on October 2 at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. The Turkish media soon wrote that murder. This week, the Israeli prosecution said the journalist was strangled immediately after his consulate arrived.

Saudi Arabia has long argued that the Consulate had left Chasukdijit on October 2. After more than two weeks, he acknowledged that he had died at the Consulate but first claimed that he had been killed. Riyad recognizes that it is a murder, but claims that it was done in any operation that the top leadership of Saudi Arabia did not know.

Erdogan had previously said in Parliament that Turkey had evidence of the Chasukuji's assassination being planned.

Riyad announced that 18 people are being held for the case. Turkey reiterates their extradition to Turkey, but Riyadh refuses.

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